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Find out from our alumni about some of the things they love about the MSc programmes, the University, the city of Edinburgh and how the experience has been for them.

Emmy, Odí, Ewen and Andrew are recent graduates from the MSc programmes in Theoretical Physics and Mathematical Physics at the University of Edinburgh.


In this video, students explain what they like about studying on the MSc programmes and what their favourite courses are. They also talk about how they are taught, the student life and what support and facilities are available.

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In this video, students talk about dissertation projects and student support. They also talk about the exciting opportunities of taking part in real-world cutting-edge theoretical physics research, which in some cases, has led to publication.

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In this video, students explain how the MSc programmes have helped them achieve their career goal, either pursuing a PhD or working in industry.  They also tell you what knowledge, skills and techniques they have gained during their study and what opportunities the MSc programmes may bring.

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