Alex Murphy awarded RSE Senior Public Engagement Medal

Award recognises contributions to communication, engagement and in advancing public discussion in science.

Alex has a long-standing and sustained track record of outstanding contributions to science’s public engagement, particularly in particle physics, and in dark matter - one of the most common yet most mysterious and hard-to-study substances in the field of physics.

Through his public engagement activities, he has reached diverse audiences in Scotland, the UK, and internationally. Alex has spearheaded innovative public engagement initiatives, including the Remote3 project, which delivers STEM outreach to some of the most remote areas of Scotland by helping pupils build and programme miniature Mars rovers that they can then remotely operate in an underground laboratory.

The Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE) medals recognise individuals who are exemplary at communicating, facilitating engagement, and advancing public discussion on significant matters.

Alex became elected as a Fellow of the RSE in early 2021. There are around 1,600 RSE Fellows who are leading thinkers and practitioners from Scotland and beyond, whose work has a significant impact on our nation.