Space Night with the Muslim Scout Fellowship

The Remote3 project based at the University of Edinburgh was invited by the Muslim Scout Fellowship to run a space night for their scouts (aged 10-14 years), with the aim of achieving the Scout Astronautics Activity badge.

The Remote3 project, or ‘Remote sensing by remote schools in remote environments’, is an STFC (Science and Technology Facilities Council) Spark Award Project aiming to deliver much-needed STEM outreach to some of the most remote areas of Scotland.

The Remote3 team worked with the Muslim Scout Fellowship to complete one requirement of the Astronautics Activity Badge - debate about life elsewhere in the universe. Along with team members from the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory and the Boulby Underground Laboratory we discussed what alien life might it look like. How do we search for life on other planets and moons? And how would the human race react to the discovery of life elsewhere in the universe? 

The evening was broadcast live to social media, generating close to 1000 comments and questions during the event, and garnering more than 8000 views since. All attendees were able to complete the badge requirement.

The Remote3 project will continue to work closely with the Muslim Scout Fellowship in future events, including their 2022 summer Jamboree, as well as with many other public engagement teams across Scotland, the UK and beyond.