Chancellor’s Award for Teaching

Congratulations to Ross Galloway who has been awarded the 2022 Chancellor’s Teaching Award.

Chancellor’s Awards

The Chancellor’s Awards are one of the most important ways in which the University recognises current members of the University community who have made outstanding contributions to teaching or research and achieved national and international recognition for their work.

The Teaching Award honours a colleague who has recently enhanced the teaching reputation of the University, through a significant contribution to improving or invigorating student learning.

Dr Ross Galloway is a recipient of this award in recognition of his exemplary leadership across all aspects of teaching in the School of Physics and Astronomy, and for providing much needed reassurance to students and staff particularly during the recent turbulent times.

Teaching contribution

Dr Ross Galloway has served as the Director of Teaching at the School of Physics and Astronomy since 2019 and has worked to help the School navigate into online delivery during the pandemic, and also to return to on-campus teaching, while retaining those new approaches and innovations that were found to be effective during the period of hybrid teaching. He has a focus on interactive engagement methods to help promote conceptual understanding and problem solving skills.

I feel very pleased and honoured to receive this award for my teaching, which has been one contribution to a great team effort from all the academic, postgraduate, and professional services staff. I hope it will help to promote some of the research-based approaches which have led to improved student learning here in the School of Physics and Astronomy.