Rheology award for Professor Alexander Morozov

Congratulations to Professor Alexander Morozov who has received the 2023 Annual Award from The British Society of Rheology.

Professor Alexander Morozov has been awarded the 2023 British Society of Rheology Annual Award for his work on linear and nonlinear instabilities of elastic and viscoelastic fluids.

Professor Morozov is based in the School’s Institute for Condensed Matter and Complex Systems. His research interests are in soft condensed matter, and include flow instabilities and the transition to turbulence in Newtonian and complex fluids, and active matter.

The British Society of Rheology is a charitable society which promotes the science and the dissemination of knowledge in the areas of pure and applied rheology.

The Annual Award recognises a significant contribution to rheology based on scientific merit. As award winner, Professor Morozov Alexander will present the Society’s award lecture which will be on ‘Elastic turbulence in parallel shear flows: Recent progress’.