Tiffany Wood becomes a Royal Society Industry Fellow

Dr Wood to take up a secondment with the makers of Deep Heat.

Dr Wood will work with Mentholatum in East Kilbride, Scotland, using advanced imaging techniques to look at how the microstructure of the company's major product, Deep Heat, determines its performance. She will also explore new routes to formulation.

"I feel honoured to receive a Royal Society Industrial Fellowship and I am looking forward to working with the company to explore their traditional processes and to developing innovative routes to formulation development," Dr Tiffany Wood

Royal Society Industry Fellowships

The Royal Society has created eight new fellowships aimed at strengthening links between academia and industry. The fellowships are awarded to academic scientists who want to work on a collaborative project with industry and for scientists in industry who want to work on a collaborative project with an academic organisation.

The Royal Society Industry Fellowship scheme provides each scientist's basic salary for the duration of their secondment, which lasts for up to two years full-time or four years part-time.

Edinburgh Complex Fluids Partnership

Dr Tiffany Wood runs the Edinburgh Complex Fluids Partnership (ECFP), drawing on academic expertise within the Institute of Condensed Matter and Complex Systems to help industries solve problems in formulation science and product processing. ECFP has worked with a wide range of industries from food and drink, agrochemicals through to personal care with a focus on dispersions, emulsions, gels and liquid crystal composites.  Long-term stability of products, complex behaviour under shear and product innovation are all common themes. ECFP works particularly closely with colleagues in Soft Matter Physics and the Collaborative Optical Spectroscopy, Micromanipulation and Imaging Centre (COSMIC).