Tiffany Wood

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Dr A Wood

Dr A Wood

Senior Knowledge Transfer Fellow
Research staff
James Clerk Maxwell Building (JCMB)
Room 2611

Tiffany is a member of the following School research institute and research areas:

Research interests

Tiffany works with companies to help them adopt innovative technologies developed within the Soft Matter and Biological Physics Research Group.    She held a Royal Society Industry Fellowship between 2015-2019 during which she developed the Dispersions Arrested in Nematic (DAIN) technology in aqueous and non-aqueous solvents which has various beneficial attributes for the formulation industry.  

In 2012, Tiffany co-founded the Edinburgh Complex Fluids Partnership, a knowledge exchange unit within the Soft Matter and Biological Physics group at the Institute of Condensed Matter and Complex Systems, with Professor Wilson Poon and was Director between 2016-2020.  ECFP provides consultancy, contract and collaborative research in formulation science, processing and product characterization and works with companies from a wide range of industries including the pharamaceutical, cosmetic, food and drink and agrochemical sectors.  During the REF period 2014-2020, ECFP worked with around 50 companies and turned over ~£0.5M/year.

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