Symposium: Particle Physics at the crossroads

ATLAS Experiment © 2012 CERN
ATLAS Experiment © 2012 CERN
The University is hosting a particle physics symposium in New Delhi, India to discuss the recent developments at the LHC, in particular the recent detection of a Higgs Boson candidate. 

The symposium is an important step in developing links between Edinburgh and India in the physical sciences. Speakers from Edinburgh, CERN and various Indian institutes will discuss exciting developments in particle physics, and it will also act as a wider forum for discussing future collaborations between the University and Indian institutes.

About the event

The purported discovery of a Higgs boson candidate by both ATLAS and CMS possibly completes the Standard Model, but several questions still remain. This is an opportune moment to contemplate High Energy Physics in the Higgs era.

With their diverse (and complementary) expertise in various aspects of High Energy Physics (both experimental and theoretical), groups in India, Edinburgh and colleagues from CERN have initiated a discussion on the implications of the recent Large Hadron Collider measurements and physics beyond the Standard Model. The speakers will include leading particle physicists from the University of Edinburgh, CERN, and various Indian institutions.

Emeritus Professor Peter Higgs, University of Edinburgh will be part of this symposium, further details on this will be available later.

University links with India

The University is involved in several initiatives with Indian universities, research institutes and some government agencies to deepen ties in many areas of science, medicine and humanities.

The symposium is being organised within the School by Prof. Arjun Berera in association with the International Office and India Liaison Office.