Royal Society appoints two University Research Fellows from School of Physics

Andy Buckley and Jennifer Smillie, two researchers in the School's Institute for Particle and Nuclear Physics, have been appointed Royal Society University Research Fellows. The Fellowship scheme aims to give outstanding scientists, who have the potential to become leaders in their chosen fields, the opportunity to build an independent research career.

"This fellowship is a wonderful award. It will allow me to focus on a long-term research programme into the fascinating area where the physics of the Higgs boson and the strong force meet. I'm thoroughly looking forward to the work, and the additional opportunities that association with the Royal Society has to offer." Dr Andy Buckley, Particle Physics Experiment, School of Physics & Astronomy

"I was delighted to be awarded this fellowship. It will allow me to focus on my own programme of research for the next five years. With the recent discovery of the Higgs boson, this is a pivotal time for particle physics and I'm really looking forward to making my contribution to the next developments." Dr Jenni Smillie, Particle Physics Theory, School of Physics & Astronomy

Two other University researchers - Sarah Reece and Gerben van Ooijen, both Biological Sciences - were also chosen.