EdGen Event Generator

This code is for a common Event Generator for the HASPECT collaboration and the A2 collaboration. It uses the ROOT (root.cern.ch) PhaseSpace generator has basis and See here for a quick presentation on this code. This version respect to the common version it supports the BOS output format (for CLAS6 analysis) if the system has it. More details available on Github.


  • CERN ROOT (tested at now with version ROOT 5.34.34 (seems there are problem with earlier version of root)
  • git
  • cmake
  • Tested on ifarm.jlab.org on June 5 2016. Needs CLAS software (and OLD CERN LIBS)
  • Environment variables on ifarm.jlab.org source ./environment.csh (own version of environment variables for setting CLAS software in ifarm. It uses the latest version of root 5.34.34). This is not needed:
    2. IN THE JLAB FARM IF YOU DON'T NEED BOS SUPPORT (you are using gemc, for example)
Example on using EDGEN


  1. Phase Space Single Energy (for example e-)
  2. Phase Space Energy Spectrum (for example gamma)
  3. Phase Space Energy Spectrum (for example gamma) flat energy spectrum
  4. Cross Section (Just π0 for testing at this moment)
  5. Amplitudes
  6. Data Points (sorry, not yet)

Mass Models

(Mass model: if width of particle>1MeV, one can generate the mass according to different distributions)

  1. Breit-Wigner (Mass and Width are automatically read from output/eg_pdg_table.txt)
  2. Flat (Generated flat in mass in the allowed range)
  3. Just the mass at the center of the distribution
  4. Gaussian and more to come


  1. ROOT only
  2. ROOT + LUND
  3. ROOT + BOS
  4. ROOT + A2 (Use A2 branch or EdGenA2 repository)