Previous Dark Matter people

Information about previous Dark Matter students and staff, and what they are doing now

Lea Reichhart

  • PhD thesis: "The ZEPLIN-III Direct Dark Matter Search: Final Results and Measurements in Support of Next Generation Instruments", 2013

  • Since: Postdoc at UCL, now IMS Nanofabrication AG, Austria (development of electron beam nano lithography devices)

Anthony Hollingsworth

  • PhD thesis: "Results from the ZEPLIN-III Experiment", 2012. 

  • Since: Tritium Plant Engineer, UK Atomic Energy Authority.

Paul Scovell

  • PhD thesis: "Results from the ZEPLIN-III Dar Matter Search Experiment", 2011. 

  • Since: Postdocs in UCLA, Oxford University

Emma Barnes

  • PhD thesis: "A veto for the ZEPLIN-III Dark Matter Detector" 2010.

  • Since: Postdoc in Boston, now University of York.

Steven Plank

  • PhD thesis: "The DRIFT Dark Matter Project: Directionality, Sensitivity and Environmental Backgrounds" 2008

  • Since: Business

Chamkaur Ghag

  • PhD thesis: "Simulation, Calibration & Exploitation of the DRIFT-II Directional Dark Matter Detector", 2006.

  • Since: Postdocs in Edinburgh & UCLA,  Lecturer at University College London