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A full listing of people in the School is below. Also see our contact page for general contact information and the names of key contacts.
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Telephone numbers are shown as UK numbers. Callers from outside the UK should remove the leading zero and use the UK country code (+44).
Name Email address Telephone (UK) Building Room number
Samuel Abreus1039321 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] ukJCMB4310
Graeme Acklandg [dot] j [dot] ackland [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5299JCMB2502
Matt Addamsmatt [dot] addams [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] ukJCMB3203
Veronika Afoninas1374087 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 7210JCMB2805
Naiyf Al-Saudnal [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 668 8360ROEC23
Marialuisa Aliottam [dot] aliotta [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5288JCMB8204
Rosalind Allenrosalind [dot] allen [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 7197JCMB2507
Oyvind Almelidoyvind [dot] almelid [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] ukJCMB4310
Alexandra Amonaamon [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] ukROEC25
Mario Antoniolettimario [at] epcc [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5141JCMB3416
Jochen Arltj [dot] arlt [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5121JCMB2601
Marika Asgaris1145122 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 668 8370ROE25
Simon Badgersbadger [at] staffmail [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] ukJCMB4409
Richard Ballr [dot] d [dot] ball [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5248JCMB4420
Lyndsey Ballantynel [dot] ballantyne [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5830JCMB4320
Neelofer Banglawalanbanglaw [at] epcc [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5908JCMB2417
Michael Barefordmbarefor [at] staffmail [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5852JCMB3403
Clair Barrassclair [dot] barrass [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 7836JCMB2259
Matt Barteckim [dot] bartecki [at] epcc [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5835JCMB3309
Mikhail Bashkanovmikhail [dot] bashkanov [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] ukJCMB8211
Robert Baxterrmb [at] epcc [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 3579JCMB2415
George Beckettgeorge [dot] beckett [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 3577JCMB2261
Josephine Beech-Brandtj [dot] m [dot] beech-brandt [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 3396JCMB2256
Paolo Beltramepaolo [dot] beltrame [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 7058JCMB8207
Arjun Bereraab [at] ph [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5246JCMB4412
Edouard Bernardejb [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 668 8471ROEst 3
Philip Bestpnb [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 668 8358ROEC21
Iain Bethuneibethune [at] epcc [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5201JCMB2404
Stefan Bilbaos [dot] bilbao [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 7043JCMB7306B
Beth Billerbb [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 668 8349ROER4
Fiona Bissettf [dot] bissett [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 7746JCMB3203
Peter Blackpeter [dot] black [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] ukJCMB5307
Robert Blakerpb [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 668 8282ROER13
Elena Blancom [dot] blanco [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 3456JCMB1508
Matthew Blowmblow [at] staffmail [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5175JCMB1506
Richard Blyther [dot] a [dot] blythe [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5105JCMB2505
Mariangela Bonavitambonav [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 668 8484ROE
Stephen Booths [dot] booth [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5746JCMB2259
Carol Borthwickcarol [dot] borthwick [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5249JCMB4323a
Nathan Bournebourne [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 668 8344ROES2 Stobie
Ken Bowlerkcb [at] ph [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5233JCMB
Peter Boylepaboyle [at] ph [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 6573JCMB4410
Chris Brackleycbrackle [at] ph [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 8617JCMB2609
Peter Brandpwb [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 668 8236ROES
Giovanni Brandanis1246659 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 6799JCMB2510
Derek Branforddb [at] ph [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5290JCMB
Elena Breitmoserelena [at] epcc [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 6494JCMB3401
Timothy Bristows1214155 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5307JCMB5301
Keith Bromleykeith [dot] bromley [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 6799JCMB1601
Christian Bronnum-Hansens1563584 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] ukJCMB4301
Rebecca Brouwerss1529080 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] ukJCMB2618
Aidan Brownabrown20 [at] staffmail [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 3456JCMB2610
Nick Brownnick [dot] brown [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 6420JCMB3419
Tracy Browntracy [dot] brown [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5817JCMB4322
Alastair Bruces1335207 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 668 8370ROEC25
Victoria Brucevab [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 668 8350ROEStobie 4
Carlo Brunocarlo [dot] bruno [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5284JCMB8206
Keith Bruntonkbrunton [at] ph [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 7706JCMB3203
Casey Brycecasey [dot] bryce [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 6478JCMB1503
Francesco Buciunis1476770 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] ukJCMB4301
Mark Bullm [dot] bull [at] epcc [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 6717JCMB3413
Timothy Bushs1118784 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 6799JCMB2509
Luke Butcherlmb [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 668 8484ROEU7
Dongyu Caidongyu [dot] cai [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5229JCMB2610
Yanchuan Caicai [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 668 8484ROEU7
Murray Campbelld [dot] m [dot] campbell [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5262JCMB7306
Adam Carnalladamc [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] ukROEC25
Matthew Carrm [dot] carr [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 7176JCMB1505
Laurence Carsonl [dot] carson [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5857JCMB4311
Adam Cartera [dot] carter [at] epcc [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 6009JCMB3405
Philip Cassphilip [dot] cass [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 445 7815G10
Luis Cebamanosl [dot] cebamanos [at] epcc [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 3479JCMB2255
Ami Choichoi [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 668 8475ROESt5
Neil Chue Hongn [dot] chuehong [at] epcc [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5957JCMB2409
Flaviu Cipcigans0790438 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 7773JCMB1605
Christopher Clarks1575039 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] ukJCMB3311
Philip Clarkp [dot] j [dot] clark [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5231JCMB5417
Peter Clarkepeter [dot] clarke [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 6798JCMB5421
Paul Cleggpaul [dot] clegg [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5295JCMB2614
Rachel Cochranercoch [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] ukROEC25
James Cockburnj [dot] d [dot] cockburn [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5862JCMB4403
Charles Cockellc [dot] s [dot] cockell [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 2961JCMB1502
Jamie Coler [dot] j [dot] cole [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5999JCMB2608
Amy Colemans0936764 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5258CSEC2.804
Ross Collinsrsc [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 668 8418ROER3R
Toni Collistoni [dot] collis [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 3480JCMB2410
David Copelanddcope [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 668 8370ROE111
Neil Corsien [dot] corsie [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5260JCMB3201
Steven Courtsteven [dot] court [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 8603JCMB2501
Greig Cowang [dot] cowan [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 7193JCMB5413
Daniel Craikdaniel [dot] craik [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 7193JCMB5413
Nicholas Crossnjc [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 668 8281ROER8
Fergus Cullens1122621 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 668 8360ROEU4
Emma Curtis Lakeefcl [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 668 8380ROEstobie 1
Philip Dalladay-Simpsons1066434 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 7214CSEC2.2804
Clive Davenhallacd [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 668 8455ROER12
Eric Davidsone [dot] davidson [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5312JCMB1103
Michael Davidsonmdv [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 668 8357ROER8
Tom Davinsont [dot] davinson [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5250JCMB8205
Thomas Davisons0700387 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5284JCMB8206
Angela Dawsonangela [dot] dawson [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 7165JCMB2617
Niccolo De Francesconicco [dot] defran [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] ukJCMB2612
Joost de Graafj [dot] degraaf [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5121JCMB2601
Charlotte De Grouchyc [dot] degrouchy [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 7204CSEC2.2805
Giulio De Magistriss1356442 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 8603JCMB2501
Christopher Deansc [dot] s [dot] deans [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 6433JCMB4407
Luigi Del Debbioluigi [dot] del [dot] debbio [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5212JCMB4418
Vasiliy Demchenkovgd [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 668 8360ROEC23
Clemence Devaillyclemence [dot] devailly [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 3456JCMB1508
Linda Dewarlinda [at] epcc [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 445 7833JCMB2405
Flavia Diasflavia [dot] dias [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 7037JCMB5416
Katy Dickinsons0914066 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 7176JCMB1511
Susana Direitosusana [dot] direito [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 7771JCMB1603
Mary-Ellen Donnellys0790376 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 6751JCMB3.3812
Dick Dougalr [dot] c [dot] dougal [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 7218JCMB4307
Andrew Downiea [dot] downie [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5208JCMB2104
Evangelia Drakopoulouevangelia [dot] drakopoulou [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] ukJCMB5414
Steven Duffields [dot] duffield [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 7139JCMB3203
James Dunlopjsd [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 668 8477ROEU16
Loretta Dunneldunne [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 668 8274ROER1/06, Crawford
Nathalie Dupinnohd [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 668 8374ROEU12
Elizabeth Eardleys1135138 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 668 8360ROEC23
Daniel Eastwooddeastw [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] uk07722344504ROEC25
Marcus Ebertmarcus [dot] ebert [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 7689JCMB5412
David Edwardsdce [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 668 8360ROEC23
Rosie Edwardsrosie [dot] edwards [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 7192JCMB4321
Susanne Ehretsusanne [dot] ehret [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 6571JCMB4401
Stephan Eisenhardts [dot] eisenhardt [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5300JCMB5418
Oliver Entwisles1355240 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5258JCMB3311
Raphael Erraniraer [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] ukROEC23
Martin Evansm [dot] evans [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5294JCMB2615
Emmanouil Farsarakisfarsarakis [at] epcc [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 7832JCMB3406
Joey Faulknerjoeyf [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 668 8360ROEC23
Annette Fergusonferguson [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 668 8401ROEC13
Dianne Fergusons0784093 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5307JCMB5301
Louise Fergusonlouise [dot] ferguson [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 7036JCMB4212
Joao Ferreirajpf [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 668 8370ROEU4
Carlos Ferreira Lopescfl [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 668 8236ROER12
Agnes Ferteaferte [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 668 8484ROEU7
Ana Fialhos1460631 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 7176JCMB1511
Gianluca Filacig [dot] filaci [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5273JCMB4301
Milana Filatenkovas1145105 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 6799JCMB2510
Weronika Filingerw [dot] filinger [at] epcc [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5908JCMB2417
Mark Filipiakmjf [at] staffmail [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 3467JCMB2405
Mike Fisherm [dot] fisher [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5208JCMB2104
Jamie Flemings0678696 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5284JCMB7310a
Martina Foglinomfoglino [at] staffmail [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] ukJCMB1510
Jim Folekj [dot] folek [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5252JCMB2209/2911
Clemence Fontaniveclemence [dot] fontanive [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] ukROEC23
Mark Fox-Powellm [dot] fox-powell [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 7774JCMB1607
Gareth Francisg [dot] francis [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 3529JCMB2406
Athina Frantzanas1271493 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 6754JCMB3.3812
Kenneth Freemans0921613 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] ukJCMB3311
David Frenchdavid [dot] french [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 3455JCMB1509
Mungo Frostm [dot] d [dot] frost [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 7214JCMB2805
Toby Futfu [at] staffmail [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 6421JCMB2104/2108
Ross Gallowayross [dot] galloway [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 8614JCMB1615
Silvia Gambettasilvia [dot] gambetta [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] ukJCMB5414
Yanyan Gaoyanyan [dot] gao [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5857JCMB4311
Francisca Garay Wallss1100251 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 8614JCMB5414
Einan Gardieinan [dot] gardi [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 6469JCMB4416
Steven Gardnersteven [dot] gardner [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 7771JCMB1603
Marco Garofalos1459858 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5862JCMB4301
Andrew Garriea [dot] garrie [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5219JCMB2310
Richard Georges1143220 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 668 8360ROEC23
Benjamin Giblinbengib [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 668 8360ROEC23
Jay Gillamj [dot] e [dot] gillam [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] ukJCMB2603
Bryan Gillisbrg [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 668 8471ROEStobie 3
Konstantin Gizdovk [dot] gizdov [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] ukJCMB5301
Paul Glayshers1251532 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5307JCMB5301
Dominika Aleksandra Konstancja Glowas0678212 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5284JCMB7310a
Oscar Gomez Morilloo [dot] gomez [at] epcc [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5280JCMB3309
Martin Gormans1265995 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 7204JCMB2.2805
George Grahamg [dot] graham [at] epcc [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 3460JCMB3420
Paul Grahampaul [at] epcc [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 4992JCMB3415
Alistair Grantagrant3 [at] epcc [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 3388JCMB2407
James Gratrexs1330415 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5862JCMB4403
Alan Graya [dot] gray [at] epcc [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5201JCMB2404
Clive Greatedc [dot] a [dot] greated [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5232JCMB7310
Eugene Gregoryanze [dot] gregoryanz [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 7223JCMB3.3811
Christopher Griffinc [dot] j [dot] griffin [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5284JCMB8206
Donald Grigordj [dot] grigor [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 7744JCMB3203
Xu Guoxguo [at] epcc [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 3530JCMB2408
Yair Augusto Gutierrez Fosados1360510 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 7176JCMB1511
Ben Guys0804561 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 6799JCMB2510
Alexander Hallahall [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] ukROE
Cassandra Hallcxh [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 668 8360ROEC23
Nigel Hamblynch [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 668 8234ROER6
Judy Hardyj [dot] hardy [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 6716JCMB1617
Mark Harleymark [dot] harley [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] ukJCMB4310
Joachim Harnois-Derapsjharno [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] ukROEStobie 3
Paul Harrispaul [dot] harris [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5219JCMB2310
Joshua Helliers1373240 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5258JCMB3311
Oliver Henrichohenrich [at] epcc [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5818JCMB2405
David Hentyd [dot] henty [at] epcc [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5960JCMB2254
Andreas Hermanna [dot] hermann [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5824JCMB2604
Michiel Hermesm [dot] hermes [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5883JCMB2621
Rafael Hernandez Jimenezs1367850 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5862JCMB4301
Catherine Heymansheymans [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 668 8301ROER7
Albert Heyrovskya [dot] heyrovsky [at] epcc [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 7749JCMB2412
Peter Higgsp [dot] w [dot] higgs [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] ukJCMB4417
Richard Hos1005014 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5273JCMB4301
Xanthe Hoads1463804 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5307JCMB5301
Daniel Hodgsons0784104 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 6799JCMB2510
Mark Hollimanmsh [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 668 8376ROER3
Daniel Holmesdholmes [at] epcc [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 3465JCMB3415
David Homans1564140 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] ukJCMB
Roger Horsleyrhorsley [at] ph [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 6481JCMB4419
Will Hossackwill [dot] hossack [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5261JCMB1612
George Hughesg [dot] t [dot] hughes [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5223JCMB4203
Simon Hughess0677668 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5284JCMB8206
Alastair Humeally [at] epcc [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 3397JCMB2258
Emily Huntere [dot] c [dot] hunter-1 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 6751CSEC3.3812
Andrew Huxleya [dot] huxley [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 7053JCMB2619
Malcolm Illingworthmalcolm [at] epcc [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 3388JCMB2407
Catherine Ingliscafi [at] epcc [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 3578JCMB3408
Stephen Irvines [dot] irvine [at] epcc [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 445 7810JCMB2413
Tom Ivess0935333 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 8603JCMB2501
Rob Ivisonrji [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 668 8361ROER.1/07
Adrian Jacksona [dot] jackson [at] epcc [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 6470JCMB3411
Michael Jacksonmichaelj [at] epcc [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5141JCMB3416
Alys Jepsonajepson2 [at] staffmail [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 7742JCMB1505
Chris Johnsonchrisj [at] epcc [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5846JCMB3407
James Johnsons0841882 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 8603JCMB2501
Nick Johnsonnick [dot] johnson [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 3388JCMB2407
Rhona Johnstonrhona [dot] johnston [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5905JCMB4315
Daid Kahldaid [dot] kahl [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 7705JCMB8210
Kostas Kavoussanos-Kavoussanakiskavousan [at] epcc [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5021JCMB3402
Alison Kayalison [dot] kay [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 7318JCMB1613
Alison Kays0348295 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 7318JCMB1618
Stephen Kaystephen [dot] kay [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5284JCMB8206
Caroline Keircaroline [dot] keir [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 7855JCMB4318
Tom Kemps1414536 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] ukROEC25
Joe Kennedys1478078 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5273JCMB4301
Tony Kennedyadk [at] ph [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5272JCMB4404
Richard Kenwayr [dot] d [dot] kenway [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5245JCMB4422
Michal Kepamkepa [at] staffmail [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 7222JCMB3.3812
William Kerrwilliam [dot] kerr [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 3451JCMB3203
Julia Kettles1035546 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5273JCMB4301
Ava Khamsehs0948358 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5862JCMB4310
Sadegh Khochfarsadeghk [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 668 8353ROEC19
Wioleta Kijewskawioleta [dot] kijewska [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk2.49
Nick Koumakisnick [dot] koumakis [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5883JCMB2621
Amrey Krauseamy [at] epcc [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 6718JCMB2255
Nico Kronbergnico [dot] kronberg [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] ukJCMB4401
Marco Lammlam [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 668 8370ROEU6
Eliana Lambroue [dot] lambrou [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] ukJCMB4310
Hanna Landenmarks1046113 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 7176JCMB1511
Andy Lawrenceal [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 668 8346ROEU13
Thomas Le Goffthomas [dot] le-goff [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 3455JCMB1509
Kieran Leachk [dot] leach [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] ukJCMB2413
Claudia Ledererclaudia [dot] lederer [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 7705JCMB8210
Crystal Leiyuhua [dot] lei [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 7067JCMB4314
Christos Leonidopouloschristos [dot] leonidopoulos [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 6769JCMB5415
Alexander Lewisalewis [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] ukJCMB
Tao Lis1165179 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 6799JCMB2510
Andrew Liddlearl [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 668 8352ROEU14
Siobhan Liddles [dot] liddle [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 6799JCMB2510
Benno Liebchenbenno [dot] liebchen [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5175JCMB1506
Nelson Limandal [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 668 8360ROEC23
Moritz Linkmanns1250588 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 6433JCMB4407
Alex Lipsalex [dot] lips [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] ukJCMB
Calum Lithgowc [dot] t [dot] lithgow [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5258JCMB3311
Benjamin Littles0675186 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5263JCMB2603
Diarmuid Lloyddiarmuid [dot] lloyd [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 7742JCMB1505
Stephen Lloyds0821167 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5307ROE
Ingo Loai [dot] loa [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 7212JCMB3.3803
Christian Loachs1355587 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5258JCMB3311
Lucas Lombriserllo [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 668 8380ROES1 Stobie
Sarah-Jane Lonsdales1514971 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] ukJCMB8206
Eric Lopezelopez [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 668 8402ROEEast Tower 2nd
Amaya Lopez-Carromeroalopezc2 [at] staffmail [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] ukJCMB1608
Claire Loudonclaire [dot] loudon [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] ukJCMB1504
John Lovedayj [dot] loveday [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 7233JCMB2508
Derek Lowd [dot] low [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 6421JCMB2104
Graeme Lynchg [dot] lynch [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5208JCMB2104
Joel Mabillards1528294 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] ukJCMB4301
Ian Macdonaldimacdo [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 668 8234ROER6, ROE 1894
Siobhan MacInnessiobhan [dot] macinnes [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 3448JCMB4314
Karen Mackiekaren [dot] mackie [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 7012JCMB4215
Bonnie Macmillanbonnie [dot] macmillan [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 7218JCMB4315
Cait MacPheecait [dot] macphee [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5291JCMB2613
Steve Maddoxmaddox [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 668 8267ROER1/06 Crawford
Gill Maddygill [dot] maddy [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5304JCMB4320
Ioan Magdaus1165169 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 6799JCMB2510
Iva Manasis1374036 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 7176JCMB2510
Bob Mannrgm [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 668 8338ROEC14
Maria Manolopouloumanolo [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] ukROEC25
Davide Marenduzzodmarendu [at] ph [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5289JCMB2506
Vincent Margerinvincent [dot] margerin [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5284JCMB8206
Esther Marmol-Queraltoemq [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] ukROE
Elliot Marsdenelliot [dot] marsden [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 3455JCMB1509
Victoria Martinvictoria [dot] martin [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 7042JCMB5419
Vincent Martinezvincent [dot] martinez [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 8617JCMB2609
Miguel Martinez-Canalesmiguel [dot] martinez [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5680JCMB2420
Maria Francesca Marzionis1475685 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5284JCMB8206
Bojan Masicbmasic [at] staffmail [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5225JCMB1206B
Andrew Mathesonandrew [dot] matheson [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5263JCMB2603
Salome Matosspm [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 668 8483ROEU6
Duncan McCannd [dot] m [dot] mccann-2 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 7204JCMB2.2805
David McCombwdm [at] ph [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5230JCMB7306B
Manuela McDermidmanuela [dot] mcdermid [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 3452JCMB4323A
Andy McDonalda [dot] mcdonald [at] epcc [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5855JCMB3411
Lindsey McFarlanelindsey [dot] mcfarlane [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 7830JCMB4215
Sean McGeeversean [dot] mcgeever [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 7743JCMB4210
David McKaindavid [dot] mckain [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5287JCMB3203
Mairi McKays0940674 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5862JCMB4301
Laura McKinleyl [dot] e [dot] mckinley [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 6799JCMB2510
Scott McLaughlinscott [dot] mclaughlin [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 3438JCMB1503
Derek McLeodmcleod [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 668 8370ROEC25
Ross McLurerjm [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 668 8419ROEU17
Malcolm McMahonm [dot] i [dot] mcmahon [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5956JCMB3804
Ryan McManusryanm [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] ukROEC24
Fiona McNaughtonfiona [dot] mcnaughton [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5888JCMB4211
Alexander McVeya [dot] f [dot] mcvey [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 3454G.25
Stewart McWilliamsrs [dot] mcwilliams [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5273CSEC3.3801
Rudi Mearss1563187 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk07981811595JCMB2618
Jack Medleys1231192 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5233JCMB4401
Avery Meiksina [dot] meiksin [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 668 8355ROEU12a
Gavin Melaughgmelaugh [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 3456JCMB1508
Patrick Merrilds0951799 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5862JCMB4301
Michal Michalowskimm [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 668 8344ROEst 2
Davide Michielettodavide [dot] michieletto [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 7742JCMB1505
Liza Mijovicliza [dot] mijovic [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 6771JCMB5416
Catherine Millsc [dot] mills-4 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 6799JCMB2509
Corrinne Millsc [dot] mills [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 7037JCMB5416
Paul Mitchellp [dot] s [dot] mitchell [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 6784JCMB1610
Gustav Mogullg [dot] mogull [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 6050JCMB4310
Lizeth Morales Gallegoss1138315 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5284JCMB8206
Alexander Morozovalexander [dot] morozov [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5882JCMB2616
Adam Morriss1354466 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] ukJCMB5301
Craig Morrisc [dot] morris [at] epcc [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 3532JCMB3309
Dave Morrisdmr [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] ukROE
Frank Morrisf [dot] morris [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5313CSEC2809A
Ryan Morrisryan [dot] morris [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 6799JCMB1601
Alice Mortlockalicem [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] ukROE
Donna Marie Mortond [dot] m [dot] morton-2 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5258JCMB2.2805 CSEC
Peter Mottishawpeter [dot] mottishaw [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5881JCMB2612
Francois Mouvetfrancois [dot] mouvet [at] epfl [dot] chJCMB1510
Franz Muheimf [dot] muheim [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5235JCMB5422
Keith Munros0790333 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 7204CSEC2.2805
Alex Murphyamurphy [at] ph [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5285JCMB8208
Victor Naden-Robinsons1460005 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5258JCMB3311
Cesare Nardinicesare [dot] nardini [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5234JCMB2607
Rupert Nashrupert [dot] nash [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5921JCMB3409
Matthew Needhammneedham [at] staffmail [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 7037JCMB5411
Richard Nelmesr [dot] j [dot] nelmes [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk01235 445285JCMB
Michael Newtonmichael [dot] newton [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5865JCMB1604
Isobel Nicholsons1547417 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5273JCMB4301
Michael Nicholsons0832996 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 7176JCMB2510
Natasha Nicholsons1374322 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 6799JCMB2509
David Nisbetdmn [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 668 8481ROEU4
Juraj Nossanjszavits [at] staffmail [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5234JCMB2607
Jeremy Nowelljeremy [at] epcc [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 3398JCMB3402
Donal O'Connelldonal [at] staffmail [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] ukJCMB4405
Chris O'Neillconeill1 [at] staffmail [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5541JCMB2602
Barry O'Rourkebarry.o'rourke [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 7747JCMB3203
Alexander Ochirovalexander [dot] ochirov [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5244JCMB4421
Ala Okrasaala [dot] okrasa [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5254JCMB4315
Sebastian Olivaress1143677 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5307JCMB5301
Philip Osztromokposztrom [at] staffmail [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5900JCMB4210
Ivan Oteoioteo [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] ukROE
Javier Otero Marquezjavier [dot] otero [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 3455JCMB1509
Charaka Palansuriyacharaka [at] epcc [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 3595JCMB2412
Iakovos Panourgiasi [dot] panourgias [at] epcc [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 6420JCMB3419
Shaghayegh Parsas1225480 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 668 8360ROEC23
Mark Parsonsm [dot] parsons [at] epcc [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5022JCMB3422
Jakub Pastuszaks0789788 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 6799JCMB1510
Jana Pasztorovas1573050 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] ukJCMB3311
Chay Patersons1338295 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 8603JCMB2501
Liz Patersonliz [dot] paterson [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 7837JCMB4318
Lee Patricklrp [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 668 8370ROEU4
Alison Pattona [dot] patton [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5986JCMB3412
Anne Pawseya [dot] pawsey [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 7772JCMB1601
Samuel Paylers1251564 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 7774JCMB1607
John Peacockjap [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 668 8390ROEC20
Tracy Peettracyp [at] epcc [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5362JCMB3407
Roberto Pellegrinir [dot] pellegrini [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 6433JCMB4407
Jorge Penarrubiajorpega [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 668 8359ROEC18
Brian Pendletonbrian [dot] pendleton [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5241JCMB4413
Tiziano Perarotiziano [dot] peraro [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5239JCMB4421
Carolina Pereiras1460633 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 7176JCMB1511
James Perryjamesp [at] epcc [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5173JCMB3410
Giacomo Perug [dot] peru [at] epcc [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5856JCMB2414
Steve Playfers [dot] m [dot] playfer [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5275JCMB5420/ 5301
Wilson Poonw [dot] poon [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5297JCMB2620
Antonin Portelliantonin [dot] portelli [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5239JCMB4417
Gavin Pringlegavin [at] epcc [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 6709JCMB2403
Vladimir Prochazkas0838795 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 6572JCMB4310
Arno Proemeaproeme [at] epcc [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5077JCMB2406
Ciprian Pruteanus1028231 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5258JCMB3311
Peter Puseyp [dot] n [dot] pusey [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] ukJCMB
Rebecca Rankinrebecca [dot] rankin [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 7230JCMB4214
Michael Readmar [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 668 8328ROER3
Matthew Reevess0784777 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 6799JCMB2510
Joscha Reicheljoscha [dot] reichel [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5862JCMB4301
Fiona Reidfiona [at] epcc [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 6494JCMB3401
Joe Rendlej [dot] rendle [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5251JCMB4206
Mark Reynoldsmark [dot] reynolds [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 7404JCMB2905
Ken Ricewkmr [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 668 8384ROEC15
James Richardsj [dot] a [dot] richards-3 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk650 5263JCMB2603
Joanna Richardsjoanna [dot] richards [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5242JCMB4213
Harvey Richardsonharveyr [at] cray [dot] com0131 650 6016JCMB2260
Irene Robles Garcias1036094 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] ukJCMB3311
Doug Rocks-Macqueendoug [dot] rocks-macqueen [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 3459JCMB2414
Juan Rodriguez Herreraj [dot] herrera [at] epcc [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 3412JCMB3418
Richard Rollinsrichard [dot] rollins [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 6572JCMB4406
Nic Rossnpross [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 668 8351ROEStobie 6
Marion Roulletmarion [dot] roullet [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk07871203178JCMB1506
Nicholas Rowellnr [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 668 8328ROER3
Katherine Rumbles1345985 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 6799JCMB2510
Marc Sabatemsabate [at] epcc [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 7833JCMB3406
Jose Sabater Montesjsm [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 668 8311ROEEast Tower
Toby Samuelss1360327 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 7774JCMB1607
Laura Sawiaks1478680 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] ukJCMB2601
Mark Sawyercms [at] epcc [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5019JCMB3405
Ion Schiopuischiopu [at] staffmail [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5900JCMB4210
Andrew Schofielda [dot] b [dot] schofield [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 7257JCMB2203
Marieke Schormschor [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 7165JCMB2617
Jana Schwarz-Linekjslinek [at] staffmail [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 8617JCMB2609
Petra Schwendnerpschwend [at] staffmail [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] ukJCMB1603
Donald Scobbied [dot] scobbie [at] epcc [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5115JCMB3309
Toby Searles1222227 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 7773JCMB1605
Rosemary Shanahanrls [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 668 8370ROEC25
Alan Shotteracs [at] ph [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5298JCMB7309
Georgios Sidiropoulosg [dot] sidiropoulos [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5300JCMB5418
Alan Simpsona [dot] simpson [at] epcc [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5120JCMB2257
Maureen Simpsonm [dot] simpson [at] epcc [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5027JCMB3422
Terence Sloant [dot] sloan [at] epcc [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5155JCMB3404
Dominic Sloan-Murphydsloanm [at] staffmail [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 3395JCMB3410
Alexander Slowmans1271420 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 8603JCMB2501
Vanessa Smer-Barretovsm [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 668 8360ROEU6
Jenni Smilliej [dot] m [dot] smillie [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5221JCMB4411
Britton Smithbrs [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 668 8344ROEStobie 2
Gary Smithgsmith23 [at] ph [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5256JCMB8211a
Iwan Smiths1430611 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5307JCMB5301
Lorna Smithlorna [at] epcc [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 3408JCMB3413
Holly Spices0804605 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5916Grant Institute400
Ivana Stankovics1459750 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5284JCMB8206
Adam Stevensasteve12 [at] staffmail [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 8608JCMB1504
Christopher Stockc [dot] stock [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 7066JCMB2606
Christopher Stockdales1460024 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5258JCMB3311
Kevin Stratfordk [dot] stratford [at] epcc [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5115JCMB3417
Jim Stuartjim [dot] stuart [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5225JCMB1206B
Eckhard Sutoriusetws [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 668 8316ROER13
James Sweetj [dot] sweet [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 445 7831JCMB2413
Andrew Tadrowskis0562282 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 7773JCMB1605
Linda Taitltait [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5236JCMB4211
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Azusa Yamaguchiayamaguc [at] staffmail [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 6573JCMB4421
Nicholas Zachariounick [dot] zachariou [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] ukJCMB8211
Lorenzo Zanalzana [at] exseed [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 650 5266JCMB8211a
Liyong Zhangliyong [dot] zhang [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 7705JCMB8210
Zhiyu Zhangzzhang [at] roe [dot] ac [dot] uk+49-89-3200-6910ROEESO, Germany
Xuemao Zhous1461318 [at] sms [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk0131 651 7176JCMB2510
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