Higgs Centre colloquia archive

Past Higgs Centre colloquia are listed below. Past events of other types can be found via our Events archive page.

Date Title Speaker(s)
03 May 2019 Complex fluids
  • Stephan Herminghaus
19 Apr 2019 Clustering and Correlations in Fluctuating Environments
  • Mustansir Barma
29 Mar 2019 Variational Quantum Algorithms
  • Jose-Ignacio Latorre (Barcelona)
22 Mar 2019 The Limits of Cosmology
  • Joseph Silk (Oxford Physics)
15 Mar 2019 Testing General Relativity with Cosmological observations
  • Ruth Durrer
01 Mar 2019 Alternatives to GR
  • Claudia de Rham (Imperial College London)
15 Feb 2019 Tensor Network and Quantum Information Theory: Applications in Condensed Matter and High Energy Physics
  • Ignacio Cirac (Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics)
08 Feb 2019 Causal Sets, Discrete Gravity
  • Fay Dowker (Imperial College London)
23 Nov 2018 Modeling and observing cosmic reionization
  • Benedetta Ciardi (Max-Planck-Institute for Astrophysics)
09 Nov 2018 Particle Dark Matter: a Status
  • Julien Lavalle (Lab. Univers et Particules de Montpellier)
12 Oct 2018 From the origins of mass to the stability of ordinary matter: Higgs, Maxwell and quantum chromodynamics
  • Laurent Lellouch (CNRS and Aix-Marseille University)
05 Oct 2018 Singular elastic interfaces
  • Jacco Snoeijer (University of Twente)
28 Sep 2018 Alternatives to GR
  • Claudia de Rham (Imperial College London)
21 Sep 2018 The Amplitudes Frontier
  • David Kosower (CEA Saclay)
22 Jun 2018 The Cosmic Microwave Background
  • Martin White (Berkeley National Laboratory)
04 May 2018 Bacterial suspensions as model active matter systems
  • Hugues Chate (CEA-Saclay, Paris)
17 Apr 2018 Mechanisms of long-range gene control — hints of a role for phase transition
  • Wendy Bickmore (University of Edinburgh)
13 Apr 2018 Imaging fundamental processes. The story and stories of jets at accelerators.
  • George Sterman (Yang Institute for Theoretical Physics)
06 Apr 2018 Statistical Physics of Collective Motion
  • Hugues Chate (CEA-Saclay, Paris)
23 Mar 2018 The growth of black holes in galaxies
  • Marta Volonteri (Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris)
16 Mar 2018 Causal Sets, Discrete Gravity
  • Fay Dowker (Imperial College London)
23 Feb 2018 Searching for New Physics with Kaons
  • Chris Sachrajda (University of Southampton)
09 Feb 2018 Dense active matter: topology in biology
  • Julia Yeomans (University of Edinburgh)
02 Feb 2018 Beyond the Standard Model Phenomenology
  • Matthew McCullough (CERN)
19 Jan 2018 Probing fundamental physics with the evolved Universe
  • Adi Nusser (Technion)
08 Dec 2017 Theoretical and Phenomenological Aspects of Top Quark Physics
  • Michael Czakon (RWTH Aachen)
01 Dec 2017 Viral electrostatics
  • Rudolf Podgornik (Jožef Stefan Institute)
17 Nov 2017 Probing fundamental physics with the evolved Universe
  • Adi Nusser (Technion)
10 Nov 2017 The Universe as a hologram
  • Dario Martelli (King's College London)
27 Oct 2017 News of the Standard Model Effective Field Theory: theory, tools and LHC strategy
  • Michael Trott (NBI, Copenhagen)
13 Oct 2017 Is the Universe lop-sided?
  • Douglas Scott (University of British Columbia)
06 Oct 2017 Does Quantum Gravity constrain Large-Field Inflation?
  • Arthur Hebecker (University of Heidelberg)
22 Sep 2017 Studying galaxy formation with dynamical modelling
  • Michele Cappellari (University of Oxford)
04 Aug 2017 Designing Rapid Phase Transitions and Shape-Shifting Materials Using Patterned Colloids
  • Ron Larson (University of Michigan)
16 Jun 2017 Flavour Expedition to the Zeptouniverse
  • Andrzej Buras (TU Munich)
09 Jun 2017 The Origin of Matter in the Universe
  • Tsutomu Yanagida (Kavli IPMU)
14 Apr 2017 Scattering amplitudes: a bridge between modern mathematics and precision physics
  • Claude Duhr (CP3, Louvain)
07 Apr 2017 Where high-energy physics and statistical mechanics meet
  • Christian Maes (University of Leuven)
31 Mar 2017 Star Formation
  • Ralf Klessen (University of Heidelberg)
10 Mar 2017 Undecidability of the spectral gap
  • Tony Cubitt (University College, London)
24 Feb 2017 Pseudo-observables in Higgs Physics
  • Gino Isidori (University of Zürich)
10 Feb 2017 Majorana fermions in superconductors: in search of the Zen particle
  • Carlo Beenakker (Leiden University)
27 Jan 2017 Causal Probabilities in Quantum Field Theory
  • Jeff Forshaw (University of Manchester)
02 Dec 2016 Higgs physics at the LHC
  • Tilman Plehn (University of Heidelberg)
11 Nov 2016 The KPZ story
  • Satya Majumdar (Université de Paris-Sud)
04 Nov 2016 Exotic combinations of quarks - A journey of fifty years
  • Jonathan L. Rosner (University of Chicago )
28 Oct 2016 Some observations on the degrees of freedom of quantum gravity
  • Jan de Boer (University of Amsterdam)
21 Oct 2016 Detecting Dark Energy with Atom Interferometry
  • Clare Burrage (University of Nottingham)
30 Sep 2016 A statistical, non-equilibrium field theory for cosmic structure formation
  • Matthias Bartelmann (University of Heidelberg)
16 Sep 2016 Supersymmetric Aspects of Hadron Physics and Novel QCD Phenomena
  • Stanley J. Brodsky (Stanford University)
20 May 2016 Singularity Theorems in Gravitation: A Golden Anniversary
  • José M M Senovilla (Universidad del Pais Vasco)
13 May 2016 Planting seeds for gravitational wave generators around active galactic nuclei
  • Doug Lin (UC Santa Cruz)
06 May 2016 Quantum instability of the Universe ground state
  • Giovanni Ridolfi (University of Genvoa)
22 Apr 2016 Connecting large-scale structures to galaxy morphology
  • Christophe Pichon (Institut Astrophysique de Paris)
08 Apr 2016 A curious story of quantum gravity in the ultraviolet
  • Zvi Bern (UCLA)
01 Apr 2016 Site-Specific DNA Recombination and Fluid Vortex Reconnection
  • De Witt Sumners (Florida State University)
11 Mar 2016 Precision Studies of the Higgs
  • Giuila Zanderighi (Oxford/CERN)
04 Mar 2016 The search for new interactions at the LHC: the top-quark window
  • Fabio Maltoni (University in Louvain-la-Neuve)
05 Feb 2016 General Relativity in the limit of very many dimensions
  • Roberto Emparan (University of Barcelona)
29 Jan 2016 A top (quark) story
  • Martin Beneke (TU Munich)
14 Dec 2015 At the frontier of Particle Physics
  • Nigel Glover (Institute for Particle Physics Phenomenology, University of Durham)
11 Dec 2015 “How predictable is evolution?"
  • Joachim Krug (University of Cologne)
04 Dec 2015 Making Living Matter from the bottom up
  • Ramin Golestanian (University of Oxford)
20 Nov 2015 Gas flow and the structure of the Galactic bar
  • James Binney (University of Oxford)
06 Nov 2015 Pushing the precision frontier in Collider Physics
  • Gudrun Heinrich (Max-Planck Institute for Physics)
30 Oct 2015 Galaxy Formation at its Peak
  • Avishai Dekel (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
09 Oct 2015 The toplogical glass
  • Matthew Turner (Warwick University)
02 Oct 2015 Quantum Black Holes: dissolving confusions and resolving paradoxes
  • Ramy Brustein (Ben-Gurion University)
25 Sep 2015 The Higgs boson as Inflation
  • Fred Jegerlehner (Humboldt University Berlin)
16 Sep 2015 Spatiotemporal dynamics at the transition to turbulence
  • Bruno Eckhart (Philipps-Universität Marburg)
11 Sep 2015 Entanglement Matters: from Bell states to Quantum Tensor Networks
  • Frank Verstraete (University of Vienna)
04 Sep 2015 Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly, I gotta do Feynmann graphs 'til I die: A continuum theory of flocking
  • John Toner (University of Oregon)
26 Jun 2015 Big Bang or Freeze: Higgs Centre for Theoretical Physics Colloquium
  • Christof Wetterich (University of Heidelberg)
05 Jun 2015 Sloppy models, Differential geometry, and How Science Works
  • James Sethna (Cornell)
06 May 2015 Alternatives to Cosmological Inflation
  • Robert Brandenberger (McGill University)
27 Mar 2015 Recent Developments in Non-Equilibrium Statistical Physics
  • Kirone Mallick (CEA Saclay)
13 Mar 2015 Topological tools for the real world
  • Jean-Luc Thiffeault (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
27 Feb 2015 Polarisation of the Cosmic Microwave Background: Toward an Observational Proof of Cosmic Inflation
  • Eiichiro Komatsu (Max-Planck-Institute for Astrophysics)
13 Feb 2015 Pattern Formation and Collective Phenomena in Biological Systems
  • Erwin Frey (LMU Munich)
30 Jan 2015 N=8 supergravity and beyond, or: What symmetry can teach us about quantum gravity and unification
  • Hermann Nicolai (Albert-Einstein Institute)
12 Dec 2014 New Horizons in Quantum Criticality
  • Andrew Green (UCL)
28 Nov 2014 Rotation and Convection in the Sun
  • Steven Balbus (Oxford)
21 Nov 2014 The Copenhagen Interpretation Born Again
  • Tim Hollowood (Swansea University)
14 Nov 2014 The Higgs Enigma & Maximally Natural Supersymmetry"
28 Oct 2014 "That's the story": an interview with Roy Glauber
03 Oct 2014 The knotted strands of life
  • Enzo Orlandini (University of Padova)
08 Aug 2014 Gravitational redshifts in cosmology
  • Nick Kaiser (IfA, University of Hawaii)
20 Jun 2014 Statistical mechanics of quantum complex networks
  • Ginestra Bianconi (Queen Mary University London)
10 Jun 2014 The Challenge of Galaxy Formation
  • Joseph Silk (Oxford Physics)
14 May 2014 Watching a Little Gas Cloud on its Way into the Galactic Supermassive Black Hole
  • Andreas Burkert (LMU Munich)
29 Apr 2014 Fast-mode elimination in stochastic metapopulation models: Special MathBio-Higgs Colloquium
  • Alan McKane (School of Physics & Astronomy, The University of Manchester)
25 Apr 2014 BICEP2 and inflationary gravitational waves
  • Andrew Liddle
11 Feb 2014 Entanglement
  • Jose-Ignacio Latorre (Barcelona)
31 Jan 2014 Heavy Flavour Physics at the Large Hadron Collider
  • Ulrik Egede (Imperial College)
29 Nov 2013 Particle Fever
  • David E. Kaplan (Johns Hopkins University)
15 Nov 2013 Applying Tensor Network Techniques to Lattice Gauge Theories
  • Mari Carmen Banuls (MPI, Munich)
11 Nov 2013 The stability of stationary turbulent flows as a problem in non-equilibrium statistical mechanics
  • Roderick Dewar (Australian National University)
27 Sep 2013 Testing General Relativity with Cosmology
  • Pedro Ferreira (University of Oxford)
20 Sep 2013 Soft Matter in Motion
  • Eric Lauga (DAMTP, Cambridge)
30 Aug 2013 Complex extensions of quantum mechanics
  • Carl Bender (Washington University)
05 Jul 2013 Current fluctuations in non-equilibrium systems
  • Bernard Derrida (Laboratoire de Physique Statistique, ENS)
21 Jun 2013 Cosmological Results from Planck 2013 and Beyond
  • Martin White (Berkeley National Laboratory)
07 Jun 2013 Rigidity, Zero Modes, States of Self Stress, Topological States and Surface Phonons in Periodic Networks at or near their Instability Limit
  • Tom Lubensky (University of Pennsylvania)
31 May 2013 The structure of amplitudes in gauge theory
  • Ruth Britto (Trinity College Dublin)
15 Mar 2013 Modelling dark energy - from a cosmological constant to quintessence to modified theories of gravity
  • Ed Copeland (Nottingham University)
08 Mar 2013 Motile Matter
  • Sriram Ramaswamy (TIFR/Tata)
01 Mar 2013 Searching for new physics in the primordial density perturbation
  • David Seery (University of Sussex)
01 Feb 2013 Perturbation theory to all orders for collider physics
  • Eric Laenen (NIKHEF and Amsterdam University)
18 Jan 2013 Quantum Quenches in One-Dimensional Many-Particle Systems
  • Fabian Essler (Oxford University)
14 Dec 2012 Statistical physics of hair fibre bundles and the shape of a ponytail
  • Patrick Warren
30 Nov 2012 Simulations for the Large Hadron Collider
  • Bryan Webber (University of Cambridge)

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