Masterclasses and workshops

Entrepreneurship Masterclasses

We have some inspirational speakers lined up including Physicists who have commercialised their research, either applying their know how to industry or starting a business, as well as speakers from the Entrepreneurial community who will be sharing how to develop an entrepreneurial mind-set and the importance of networking with the wider community. All staff and postgraduate students are welcome.

Entrepreneurship masterclasses

Start-up Clinics

Colleagues are invited to share their industrial concept or start up status, along with key challenges preventing them from progressing their idea or growing their business. Attendees will then be asked to offer solutions and advice on how these challenges can be overcome. These sessions will expose everyone in the room to real life commercial challenges and provide the opportunity to think commercially and assist fellow academics in navigating their way to working with industry or developing their business.   The session will be informal and discursive and there will also be time for networking after the discussions. All staff and postgraduate students are welcome.

If you would like to discuss your business and associated growth challenges with colleagues, get in touch with lucinda [at] (Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne) via email.

Start-Up clinics

Workshops and demonstrations

Our workshops link the latest understanding in physics to the functionality of ingredients, formulations and food processes.

Researchers working with the Edinburgh Complex Fluids Partnership are excited at the prospect of linking their understanding in physics to the functionality of ingredients, formulations and processes used in both kitchen based and large scale food production. 

Understanding the underlying physical principles relevant to food products provide useful explanations of observed phenomena and serve as guidelines for those wishing to accelerate food innovation.  We also plan to incorporate this material in cookery and food science courses.  

There are no workshops scheduled at present.  Details of any workshops will be posted here.

Previous workshops:

Deconstructing Sauces…. and putting them back together again

During the Deconstructing Sauces demonstration on 12 June, Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne and Paul Clegg, Materials Physicist at the University of Edinburgh invited the audience to join them in investigating how sauces and dressings are constructed and how this construction can go very wrong.

Play Dough for Adults (and Kids!) – Wednesday 22 May 2019

Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne and Wilson Poon, Professor of Natural Philosophy, shared a foodie and physicist’s view of why making soft and tasty gluten free bread is so much harder than producing a great loaf of wheat bread. Delivered on 22 May 2019. 

Festive Crystals - the Science of Fudge and Caramel

At the first Physics in Food Workshop, 'Festive Crystals - the Science of Fudge and Caramel', Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne and Professor Wilson Poon shared a foodie and physicist’s view of how to make the perfect fudge and caramel.

Our workshops are delivered at The New Town Cookery School, Edinburgh.