How you can work with us

We offer a variety of ways for you to access our world-class expertise and facilities, and we have extensive experience of both bespoke and collaborative research.

Facility work

Simple measurements, access to services and in-house production of materials.

For example, The Higgs Centre for Innovation has various facilities available to incubation and external companies working in remote sensing instrumentation, space technology and data intensive science.  Facilities include EMC pre-compliance testing, vibration testing, vacuum testing and satellite testing.


Benefit from the high-level knowledge and understanding of our world-leading researchers.

All official consultancies (external and internal) are undertaken through the University of Edinburgh's commercial liaison company, Edinburgh Innovations.

Research partnerships

Work with us to solve problems affecting your industry.  Learn about our highly-ranked research activities to identify opportunities.

Research institutes, groups and centres

Current industrial collaborations

Entrepreneurship activities

The School of Physics and Astronomy is pleased to have Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne, Founder of Genius Foods Ltd as our Royal Society Entrepreneur in Residence.

For the next two years, Lucinda will spend one day a week helping physicists to think more broadly about the applications of their research, to encourage entrepreneurial thinking and improve links to those in business, particularly in the food industry.  Lucinda will be based within the Edinburgh Complex Fluids Partnership.

Entrepreneurial hub

Contact Us

Industry enquiries:

Dr Anna Kimmel
Business Development Executive
School of Physics & Astronomy
Institute for Astronomy
Institute for Particle and Nuclear Physics
Anna.kimmel [at]
Tel: 07831 147056

Dr Denise Li
Business Development Executive
School of Physics & Astronomy
Institute for Condensed Matter and Complex Systems [at]
Tel: 07970 169394

For more information about the University's commercialisation service, please visit: