Celebration event for the successful launch and first images from the Euclid satellite

Celebrating the successful launch and stunning first astronomical images produced by the Euclid satellite, sharing the science, and meeting the team behind the project.

Euclid Satellite

The European Space Agency’s flagship Euclid Dark Energy Satellite was launched on 1st July 2023 from Cape Canaveral, Florida, on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. The space telescope will create a great map of the large-scale structure of the Universe across space and time by observing billions of galaxies across more than a third of the sky. Its mission is to explore how dark energy and dark matter have shaped the evolution of our Universe.

Edinburgh input

Astronomers and developers from the University of Edinburgh’s Institute for Astronomy are playing a leading role in work associated with the Euclid satellite, including defining its scientific goals, designing its observations, developing its data processing methods, hosting the UK’s Euclid Science Data Centre, and carrying out the scientific analysis.

Celebration event

To celebrate Euclid’s successful launch and to discuss the science behind its first astronomical images, the Edinburgh Euclid team held an event with scientists, politicians, local school pupils and media contacts.