News archive: 2010

Yearly listings of School news.

More megaflops per watt

29 November 2010
Unique industrial-academic collaboration produces world's most energy-efficient supercomputer.

Double funding success for cosmologist studying clumps of Dark Matter

16 November 2010
IfA researcher wins combined funding of €1.8m.

Postgraduate open day

01 November 2010
Book online now for our Postgraduate Open Day on 12 November.

“Juno Practitioner” status awarded to the School

18 October 2010
Institute of Physics recognises the School's support for good working practices

Forthcoming event

11 October 2010
Talk: 'Between Edinburgh and Egypt, how the Pyramids transformed Scottish astronomy'

Nobel Prize in Physics 2010

11 October 2010
This year's Nobel Prize in Physics awarded to scientists from the University of Manchester.

LOFAR-UK radio telescope inaugurated

22 September 2010
The first major radio telescope to be built in Britain for decades was officially opened on 20th September.

International prize won by School Research Fellow

17 August 2010
Dr Olga Degtyareva wins the European High-Pressure Research Group award.

Observatory spins out data analysis company

05 August 2010
Blackford Analysis is open for business

IfA Research Fellow shortlisted For Women In Science Award

21 June 2010
Dr Catherine Heymans nominated for her Dark Matter research.

Photographing the Universe

17 June 2010
World's largest digital camera photographs the skies from dusk to dawn.

Interdisciplinary team awarded £600,000 to help understand the diseases of old age

07 June 2010
Schools of Physics and Chemistry combine to investigate the processes underlying conditions such as diabetes and cataracts.

Jefferson Lab prize for Edinburgh student

03 June 2010
Edinburgh Nuclear Physics student wins prestigious award for experimental work on neutrons.

Memorial ceremony for Thomas Binoth

11 May 2010
A ceremony on 19th May will remember Dr Binoth, a Reader at the University who died in January.

First LHC results from 7 TeV data presented by the LHCb experiment

05 May 2010
School physicists present the eagerly anticipated first results from the Large Hadron Collider.

Sculptured tribute to the Higgs Mechanism theory

20 April 2010
Physicist Peter Higgs pays a visit to the Garden of Cosmic Speculation.

Nanomaterials are immune to radiation

01 April 2010
Nuclear reactors made from self-healing nanomaterials could last 100 years.

Researchers mark CERN milestone

30 March 2010
The School of Physics & Astronomy is part of today's significant developments at the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN).

COSMIC image of viral attack makes the front page of Journal of Biophotonics

30 March 2010
COSMIC is a collaboration between the University's schools of Physics & Astronomy, Chemistry, Biology and Medicine. It has pioneered the use of spectroscopy and imaging techniques to study how viral infections affect cells. The cover image of the latest issue of the Journal of Biophotonics shows one of COSMIC's images of cells under viral attack.

Statphys Young Scientist Prize awarded to Dr Davide Marenduzzo

18 March 2010
Dr Marenduzzo has received international recognition for his work at the Institute of Condensed Matter and Complex Systems.

£4.2 million grant ensures a sustainable future for software

09 March 2010
A sustained future for software for research has been assured by a £4.2 million grant from EPSRC to establish the UK's Software Sustainability Institute (SSI).

Richard Blythe wins APS "Outstanding Referee" award

15 February 2010
Dr Richard Blythe has been recognised by the publisher of top physics journal 'Physical Review Letters' as an 'Outstanding Referee'.