Judy Hardy

Prof Judy Hardy  j.hardy [at]

I undertake evidence-based research into physics teaching and learning with the overall aim of developing and evaluating educational strategies that improve student learning in physics and related disciplines.  I am particularly interested in the student experience of learning, teaching, assessment and feedback and in the ways that this can inform educational development.

Ross Galloway

Dr Ross Galloway  ross.galloway [at]

My background is in astronomy and I have a PhD in Solar Physics (Glasgow, 2006).  Since 2007 my prime focus has been on physics education, in both teaching and educational research.  I conduct my research within the Edinburgh Physics Education Research Group.

Robyn Donnelly

Dr Robyn Donnelly  R.C.A.Donnelly [at]

Teaching Support Officer

Research Students

Alison Kay

Alison Kay  a.e.kay [at]


Simon Bates

Prof Simon Bates

Simon was Professor of Physics Education at Edinburgh and founder of the EdPER group. He is now Senior Advisor, Teaching and Learning and Academic Director, Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology at the University of British Columbia.

Kate Slaughter

Dr Kate Slaughter

Kate was a PhD student and a postdoctoral researcher at EdPER.Her work focussed mainly on the school-university transition and how physics students’ abilities and attitudes towards study change during their time at university.

Marsali Wallace

Dr Marsali Wallace

Marsali is a former PhD student in EdPER. Her research focussed on characterising problem-solving success in physics.

Sally Hancock

Dr Sally Hancock

Sally is a former PDRA in EdPER. She brought a background in sociology and politics to our study of undergraduate physics education in the UK. Sally is now a Lecturer in Education at the University of York.

Olivia Johnson

Dr Olivia Johnson

Olivia was a PDRA in EdPER. She has worked in undergraduate physics education in both the UK and the US, including public engagement and informal education. Olivia's research background is in astrophysics and she is now Public Engagement Programme Manager for the Visitor Centre at the Royal Observatory Edinburgh.