Fees and cost of living

Information on tuition fees and living expenses for postgraduate research students.


You can find tuition fees for each of our Physics degrees on the degree finder.

Physics degrees

Fee status

We charge different rates depending on your fee status, for example 'home' or 'overseas'.

Your tuition fee status is determined by:

  •  your nationality
  • the country where you normally live - where you are 'ordinarily resident'

Work out your tuition fee status

Tuition fee discount scheme

The University offers a 10% discount in postgraduate degree tuition fees for all alumni who have graduated with an undergraduate degree from the University of Edinburgh and those who have met the requirements under the visiting undergraduate discount scheme.

Tuituion fee discount Scheme

Cost of living

Budgeting your living costs while studying in Edinburgh is important.  The University has details of the average living costs while studying at Edinburgh.

Cost of living