How to apply

Entrance requirements & application procedure

Making your application

The University of Edinburgh has a central postgraduate application system and all applications should be made online using this system.

After selecting the relevant research programme and the relevant date on the above site, the online form will guide you through the required information. You will be able to save your application at any point in the process and return to it when you are ready to continue.

On the application form you will need to state the research area(s) you are interested in, likely topic(s) and the name(s) of the supervisors you wish to work with. You will find it useful if you first read through our lists of potential PhD projects.  If you wish to propose your own topic, you are welcome to do so, but please upload a full research proposal.  You may also wish to speak with a relevant potential supervisor to discuss in advance.  To ensure your application gets to the correct people and won't be held up please ensure you indicate which Institute you are applying for: Astronomy, PPT, PPE, NP, CM (hard) or CM (soft). 

Entrance requirements

Entrance requirements can be found under the following PhD subject areas, along with the links to the application forms:

Application deadline

Applications for admission to PhD studies at the School of Physics and Astronomy may be sent at any time of the year.  Those who wish to be considered for funding however should apply by the funding deadline of 19th January, 2024 (the Astronomy deadline is 8th January, 2024). 

We encourage you to apply at least one month prior to entry so that we have enough time to process your application. If you are also applying for funding or will require a visa then we strongly recommend you apply as early as possible. We may consider late applications if we have places / funding available.