PhD projects in Nuclear Physics

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About Nuclear Physics

The University of Edinburgh Nuclear Physics group has a broad range of interests in three research areas. In Nuclear Astrophysics, we aim to understand the processes and nuclear reactions that create the chemical elements. This requires performing experiments underground to study reactions at the very low energies occurring in stars such as the sun, and with beams of radioactive nuclei to study reactions involved in explosive events such as supernovae, which occur at higher temperatures and involve unstable isotopes. In Nuclear and Hadron Physics with Electromagnetic Probes we seek a deeper understanding of nuclear matter. This includes the hunt for exotic quark states predicted by QuantumChromoDynamics, studying neutron skins, and strange hyperons, which give insights into the mysterious nature of neutron stars. Recently, the group established the research area Medical Imaging and Therapy, developing a new concept in medical PET imaging with the potential to significantly reduce the contribution of random noise and in-patient scattering.

Available PhD projects

A list of current PhD projects in Nuclear Physics is shown below. Click on each project to find out more about the project, its supervisor(s) and its research area(s).