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Teaching, learning and the resources and facilities to support you.

Study support & resources

Staff support

All of our students are allocated a member of academic staff who provides academic guidance and support.  Academic and support staff are there to help you make the most of your studies and

future career plans as you progress throughout your time at university.

Peer support

The School of Physics and Astronomy runs two Peer Support schemes: the Physics Peer Mentoring Scheme, and Maths Buddies.  

Physics Peer Mentoring Scheme

The students-run Physics Peer Mentoring Scheme (PPMS) consists of a group of experienced students who mentor students from first year and help them with any academic difficulties they face. The scheme offers one to one mentoring sessions with students who have already gone through the courses and may be able to explain concepts differently or shed light on what helped them learn. The scheme also runs revision sessions.

Maths Buddies

The Maths Buddies are a group of students in second year or above that offer tutoring sessions to students doing Mathematics for Physics 1 and 2.

"I used the Maths Buddies scheme in my 1st year of university and it really helped me grasp some of the more difficult aspects of courses Mathematics for Physics 1 & 2.  All the buddies were really approachable and friendly and the sessions were held weekly in convenient locations."
 Zoe Schyns (student)

Courses and workshops

A range of resources including online courses in time management and revision skills, workshops on project writing, and consultations with advisors on study skills are available for students from the University's Institute for Academic Development.

Institute for Academic Development

Recognising student achievement

The School likes to recognise our students' hard work. For that reason, every year our Head of School awards medals, certificates of merit and scholarships to those amongst our students who have excelled academically.

Last year 55 students from years 1 and 2 received Certificates of Merit to recognise their achievements in Physics and Maths courses at a School ceremony.  Class Medals were awarded to the Honours students with the highest overall mark for their degree programme and recognition was given to the top-achieving honours students by the way of prizes and scholarships.