As well as the general list of FAQs we have below; we also have a list of FAQs with more detailed information specifically aimed at our staff and students, which can be found on the School's E&D wiki.

What is discrimination?

Discrimination is the act of treating someone unfairly due to any protected characteristics they may have. Under the Equality Act of 2010, it is against the law to discriminate against someone because of a protected characteristic.

If you believe you have experienced discrimination as a student or member of staff, please refer to the School's E&D Support wiki for help.

E&D wiki (EASE login required)

Equality Act of 2010

Protected Characteristics from the Equality and Human Rights Commission

I have a disability that is covered under the Disability Discrimination Act 1995. What 'reasonable adjustments' am I entitled to? 

It isn't possible to provide a full description of what this could mean, as the needs for every working environment will differ. However, some examples of reasonable adjustments may include:

  • a ramp for wheelchair users
  • a special keyboard for employees with arthritis
  • an assigned nearby parking space
  • allowing regular breaks to cope with a disability
  • modifying performance targets

This list is in no way extensive, and line managers should refer you to the Occupational Health Unit, to make your working environment as comfortable as possible. They specialise in advice for managers and employees on health related matters which effect employees' work.

If you are a student, the best course of action is to visit the Student Disability Service. They provide services such as funding, exam adjustment guidance and counselling to help make your experience at the University as easy as possible.

Who experiences harassment or bullying? 

It's important to realise that anyone can experience harassment or bullying regardless of any protected characteristics. With this in mind, however, it should be recognised that some groups are much more at risk to harassment and bullying than others. It is the responsibility of all students and employees to prevent and report any instances of harassment or bullying that they witness or experience.

Is there an LGBTQ+ Network for students?

There is! Have a look at  Pride Soc - they are the University of Edinburgh's LGBTQ+ society who aim to provide a support network and a safe space for LGBTQ+ students. They host talks, campaigns, nights out, socials and discussions. Check out all of their upcoming events on their Facebook Page and Instagram.

If you are a Postgraduate Research student, you can join either the Postgraduate section of Pride Soc, or the Staff Pride Network.

Is there an LGBTQ+ Network for staff? 

Yes! Check out the Staff Pride Network. The network aims to provide a way for LGBTQ+ staff and allies to socialise through formal and informal events and to feel part of a supportive and welcoming community. Among other purposes, it enables information and support to be shared in a safe space for discussion, it provides confidential support to all members, and it acts as a platform with which the University can consult on related matters.