Further reading and resources

Below we have provided some resources and further reading related to EDI (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion). This list is meant as a starting point for people interested in further exploring EDI, and is not meant to be a complete list of all available EDI resources.



Age Scotland

Further Reading

Never too Late to Learn: Mature Students in Higher Education (2012) (1.10 MB PDF)

Age discrimination and the Equality Act



Royal Association for Deaf People

Royal National Institute for Blind People

Dyslexia Scotland

Carers UK


Disability Equality Scotland

Capability Scotland

British Dyslexia Association

National Autistic Society


Dyspraxia foundation

CALL Scotland

Business Disability Forum

Further Reading

Supporting Students in STEM with Colour Vision Deficiency (2017) (3.98 MB PDF)

Scottish ADHD Coalition: What is ADHD?

University Accessibility Statement

Access to Work



Parent Carer Scientist


Further Reading

Pink Parents

Meet the parents: The experience of students with children in further and higher education (2010) (1.36 MB PDF)




PhD Women in Scotland

Edinburgh University Women in STEM (EUWiSTEM)

Gender Trust

Rape Crisis Scotland

The Consent Collective

GenHet - Gender In High Energy Theory


Further Reading

EUWiSTEM / Spread the Word - The Future of EDI in STEM

EqualBITE: Gender equality in higher education (2018) (35.4 MB PDF)

Gazing at the future: The experiences of male and female physics and astronomy doctoral students in the UK (2015) (292 KB PDF)

Gender stereotypes about intellectual ability emerge early and influence children’s interests

Why not physics?: A snapshot of girls' uptake at A-level

That’s what she said: Women students’ experiences of ‘lad culture’ in higher education (2013) (1.28 MB PDF)

NHS inform: Gender Dysphoria

Women in Life Sciences Best Practice Guide

Diversity and Inclusion in Peer Review at IOP Publishing

Is Publishing in the Chemical Sciences Gender Biased?




Scottish Trans Alliance

LGBT Youth Scotland

Pride in STEM

LGBT Health and Wellbeing

LGBT Scotland: Listings Directory for the LGBT+ Community in Scotland

Further Reading

Pink Saltire: LGBT+ News in Scotland

A Short Guide to Sharing Pronouns for Trans Allies

Identifying as LGBT+ in physics: why does it matter?

One Minority at a Time: Being Black and Gay (2012) (980 KB PDF)

Stonewall - LGBT in Britain: University Report (2018) (2.23 MB PDF)

Coming out in STEM: Factors affecting retention of sexual minority STEM students (2018)

IoP: Scientists must create culture of tolerance to improve LGBT+ retention (2019) 

IoP, RSC, RAS: Exploring the Workplace for LGBT+ Physical Scientists (2019)




Edinburgh Nightline


Scottish Association for Mental Health

Time to Change

Mental Health at Work

Resources for Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

NHS - information on Student Mental Health

Menopause Support

Further Reading

IoP Resilience Toolkit: A Physicist's Guide to Building and Maintaining Wellbeing (2017) (1.96 MB PDF)

IoP and partners address mental health issues in the research community (2018)

House of Commons Briefing Paper: Support for Students with mental health issues in higher education in England

NUS-USI Student Wellbeing Research Report 2017

Advance HE Student Academic Experience Survey 2019

Universities UK Student mental wellbeing in higher education - Good Practice Guide



The Anti-Racist Curriculum Project Guide - Advance HE

Imkaan - Support for BME Women

Use of language: race and ethnicity from Advance HE

Moving On: An employability guide for BME students and graduates (2010) 

Astrobetter - Equal Opportunity Astronomy: Articles and Resources

American Physical Society - Minority Physics Statistics

The Runnymede Trust - The UK's leading independent race equality thinktank

UCAS Undergraduate reports by sex, area background and ethnic group

The Royal Society Diversity in Science - Inspiring Scientists

Advance HE Statistical Reports

University of Edinburgh Equality Diversity Monitoring and Research Committee (EDMARC) reports

Further Reading

Race for Equality: A report on the experiences of Black students in further and higher education (2011) (1.29 MB PDF)

Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Student Attainment at UK Universities: #CLOSINGTHEGAP (2019) (1.81 MB PDF)

Racism in Higher Education: ‘What Then, Can Be Done?’

Tackling Racial Harassment: Universities Challenged (2019) 

Religion and belief


Interfaith Calendar

Faith and Worship Facilities Near the University

Citizen's Advice: Discrimination because of religion or belief

Further Reading

Religion and belief in higher education: the experiences of staff and students (2011) (1.58 MB PDF)