News archive: 2024

Yearly listings of School news.

Talent recognised by fellowship success

12 June 2024
Congratulations to Chancellor’s Fellows Drs Gurtej Kanwar, Sarah Rugheimer and Catriona Wimberley.

Research impact award recognition

04 June 2024
Congratulations to Susanna Richmond who has been awarded the University of Edinburgh’s Impact Enabler prize.

PhD student team involved in planet discovery

23 May 2024
Discovery of planet Gliese 12 b may help unlock some aspects of our own solar system’s evolution.

Release of observations and data from the Euclid space telescope

23 May 2024
Results provide a glimpse of the telescope’s power and performance.

Undergraduate Open Days 2024

10 May 2024
Undergraduate Open Days 2024

Congratulations to new Royal Society of Edinburgh Fellow Professor Victoria Martin

30 April 2024
Professor Victoria Martin joins the 57 names recognised as being some of the greatest thinkers, researchers and practitioners working in or with Scotland today.

Award for outstanding contributions to soft matter and biophysics

30 April 2024
Congratulations to Dr Davide Michieletto who has been awarded the British Biophysical Society Louise Jonson Early Career Award.

Postdoctoral fellow success for PhD student

24 April 2024
Congratulations to PhD student Annemiek Waajen who has been selected as a Schmidt Science Fellow.

Award for outstanding contributions to particle physics research

24 April 2024
Congratulations to Dr Sally Shaw who has been awarded the Institute of Physics High Energy Particle Physics Group Prize.

Dormant massive black hole spotted in the Milky Way

16 April 2024
Colleagues from the Wide-Field Astronomy Unit involved in Gaia space telescope discovery, which challenges our understanding of how massive stars develop and evolve.

Funding success supports research in nuclear astrophysics and galaxy evolution

11 April 2024
Congratulations to Professors Marialuisa Aliotta and Annette Ferguson who have received European Research Council Advanced grants.

The School pays tribute to Professor Peter Higgs

10 April 2024
Colleagues are saddened by the loss of renowned physicist Professor Peter Higgs who has died, aged 94, after a short illness.

Creating a new generation of radio astronomers across Sub-Saharan Africa

12 March 2024
Funding has been received to continue opportunities as part of the Development in Africa with Radio Astronomy (DARA) project.

Thinning, not thickening, fluids optimise protection of glass screens

29 February 2024
Insight could be used to create more durable foldable smartphones.

Research and collaboration boosted by Royal Society of Edinburgh funding

19 February 2024
Congratulations to Dr Christopher Stock who has received a research collaboration grant in this latest round of awards.

Supporting researchers in future independent roles

12 February 2024
Congratulations to Somrita Ray, the School’s inaugural Elizabeth Gardner Fellow, who has been appointed in a permanent position.

PhD thesis prize success

26 January 2024
Congratulations to Jordan Marsh who has won the Institute of Physics (IoP) Nuclear Physics Thesis Prize.

Active defects show self-constraint in spontaneous flows

18 January 2024
Study suggests how biological fluids balance motion while protecting structure.

Physicists and linguists team up to uncover the forces that shape grammar

15 January 2024
Funding received to understand factors such as communicative need, social aspects and learning biases.