Entrepreneurship masterclass: The nature of the Business of Space - a value chain story

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Entrepreneurship masterclass: The nature of the Business of Space - a value chain story

  • Event time: 10:00am until 11:30am
  • Event date: 21st October 2019
  • Speaker: Dr Callum Norrie (Space Flow Ltd)
  • Location: Higgs Centre Seminar Room, Room 4305,

Event details

Dr Callum Norrie is Director at Space Flow Ltd and Entrepreneur in Residence at Heriot-Watt University.

Space in Scotland has never been in such an exciting and dynamic place – and has a growing reputation as a principal European country in its New Space activities. We now have satellite builders, operators, data analytics companies, communication technology providers, rocket builders, rocket launchers, ground terminals – the whole system. This is underpinned by several Scottish Universities, with Edinburgh and Heriot-Watt being at the forefront in a number of areas, including data analytics and RF systems.

Dr Callum Norrie has worked with and for a number of space entities in Europe, including the European Space Agency, where he developed space instrumentations and missions – most notably the Aelous mission launched last year. Callum is presently the Integrator for Space Network Scotland and has recently been appointed Royal Society Entrepreneur in Residence at the School of Engineering at Heriot Watt.

Dr Callum Norrie has kindly agreed to deliver an Entrepreneurial Physics Master class on the Space Value Chain. In the fast paced, disruptive New Space World the value chain provides a framework for the identification of entrepreneurial opportunities for both companies and individuals. Potential space entrepreneurs, and anyone looking to participate in this sector, can benefit from knowing how the value-adding relationships are being reshaped and this session will provide an opportunity to learn and discuss how it all fits together.

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