Entrepreneurship event archive

Archive of past Entrepreneurship Masterclasses and Start-Up Clinics

The special  R   label denotes that additional resources (e.g. slides) are available for this event.

Date Title Speaker(s)
13 May 2024 Harnessing the power of light to change the world - Dr Graeme Malcolm (M2 Lasers)
  • Graeme Malcolm (M2 Lasers)
08 Apr 2024 Triptych: Reflections on a technical and entrepreneurial career across Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals and Food
  • Craig Johnston (ENOUGH Food)
11 Mar 2024 Improving life through water purification technology - Duncan Peter (IF Water)
  • Duncan Peters (IF Water)
29 Jan 2024 Sniffing our Solar System with Space Technologies (Dr Geraint Morgan)
  • Geraint Morgan (The Open University)
11 Dec 2023 The future isn't plastic, it's seaweed (Dr Louise Anderson, Notpla)
  • Louise Anderson
27 Nov 2023 Enhancing the cognitive assessments for neurodevelopmental disorders with machine learning
  • Giulio Falcioni
06 Nov 2023 A career in optoelectronics with Sarah Jardine, CEO of epipole
16 Oct 2023 Collagen-based innovation for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine (Andrew Mearns Spragg, Jellagen)
  • Andrew Mearns Spragg
02 Oct 2023 Dyneval: Developing soft matter physics technology for semen analysis
  • Vincent Martinez
18 Sep 2023 From physics to coffee, paint, toys, tyres, and everything in between (Peter Gibbons, 3M)
  • Peter Gibbons (3M)
05 Jun 2023 Entrepreneurial Masterclass with Aleksandre Japaridze (SoundCell): Graphene drums to fight antibiotic resistance
  • Aleksandre Japaridze (SoundCell & Delft University of Technology)
16 May 2023 Entrepreneurial Masterclass with ŌGI Bio: Revolutionising the growth and analysis of microbes
  • Alex McVey (ŌGI Bio)
02 May 2023 Entrepreneurial Masterclass: Investing in Science and Technology (Paul Atkinson - Par Equity)
  • Paul Atkinson (Par Equity )
18 Apr 2023 Entrepreneurial Masterclass: Ultrasound. Integrated. Everywhere (Dave Hughes - Novosound)
  • Dave Hughes (Novosound )
20 Mar 2023 Entrepreneurial Masterclass: What a Physicist brings to success in business with Stephen Roe (ŌGI Bio & University of Edinburgh)
  • Stephen Roe
13 Mar 2023 Entrepreneurial Masterclass: Turning sunlight into seafood with Paul Smitzberger (Blue Planet Ecosystems)
  • Paul Smitzberger (Blue Planet Ecosystems )
21 Feb 2023 Entrepreneurial Masterclass: Vertical Farms with Intelligent Growth Solutions
  • David Farquhar (Intelligent Growth Solutions Limited)
  • Emily Seward (Intelligent Growth Solutions Limited)
  • Dave Scott (Intelligent Growth Solutions Limited)
  • Tanveer Khan (Intelligent Growth Solutions Limited)
16 Jan 2023 Entrepreneurial Masterclass: Ugly photons and disconcerting inevitabilities
  • Simon Andrews (Fraunhofer UK Research Ltd. )
09 Mar 2020 Start-up clinic: Case study with Jim Thompson
24 Feb 2020 Entrepreneurship masterclasses with Dr Adrian Burden
10 Feb 2020 Start-up clinic: Case study TBC
27 Jan 2020 Entrepreneurship masterclasses: Making strategic choices
13 Jan 2020 Entrepreneurship masterclass: A journey from science to industry to business consulting R Additional Resources are available for this event
  • Jan Ramakers (Jan Ramakers Fine Chemical Consulting Group)
16 Dec 2019 Entrepreneurship masterclass: Building a brand
  • Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne
02 Dec 2019 Entrepreneurship masterclass: The ins and outs of Crowd funding R Additional Resources are available for this event
  • Jude Cook (ShareIn)
18 Nov 2019 Entrepreneurship Masterclass: Growing your idea with Professional Support Services
04 Nov 2019 Entrepreneurship masterclass
  • Charlotte Tucker (Prime Numbers)
21 Oct 2019 Entrepreneurship masterclass: The nature of the Business of Space - a value chain story
  • Callum Norrie (Space Flow Ltd)
30 Sep 2019 Entrepreneurship masterclass
  • Alex Lips
23 Sep 2019 Entrepreneurship masterclass: Cracking the CEO Code – the role and challenges of a CEO
  • Roz Cuschieri
16 Sep 2019 Entrepreneurship masterclass: Blending Science with Business “Giving birth to a biotech – where is the pain relief!”
  • Caroline Barelle (Elasmogen)
26 Aug 2019 Start-up clinic: Case study with Veronika Afonina
  • Veronika Afonina (LETAAI)
12 Aug 2019 Start-up clinic: Case study TBC
22 Jul 2019 Start-up clinic: An academic with entrepreneurial ambitions with Dr Tiffany Wood
  • Tiffany Wood
24 Jun 2019 The legal aspects of starting a business
  • Andy Ley
13 May 2019 Creating business for physics and defining Entrepreneurship – associated behaviours, tips and tricks for a positive outcome
  • Ben Panter (CEO and Founder of Blackford Analysis)
29 Apr 2019 Building a tech business from scratch
  • Leah Hutchison (Appointedd)
01 Apr 2019 Shaping a successful business from an academic speciality
  • Rotimi Alabi (RAB-Microfluidics)
18 Mar 2019 Bringing your presentations to life with animation: the experience of Vivomotion
  • Mhairi Towler (Vivomotion)
04 Mar 2019 Lessons learned from 10 years in the Scottish space industry (and 2 years starting up!) R Additional Resources are available for this event
  • Steve Greenland (Craft Prospect)
25 Feb 2019 Molecular Biology to Scaled Biomanufacturing
  • Ian Fotheringham (Ingenza)
18 Feb 2019 Entrepreneurial journey: from Royal Society of Edinburgh Enterprise Fellow to designing and manufacturing ultrafast lasers
  • Christopher Leburn (Chromacity Lasers)
04 Feb 2019 Start up planning - proposing, sketching and detailing your business idea
  • Francis Greene (Business School, University of Edinburgh )
14 Jan 2019 Investing in Science and Technology
  • Paul Atkinson (Par Equity )
03 Dec 2018 Introduction to Coverge Challenge
  • Claudia Cavalluzzo (Converge Challenge )
19 Nov 2018 Physics in the work place - at Petroleum Experts
  • Hamid Guedrouj (Founder and CEO Petroleum Experts )
05 Nov 2018 The value of networking
  • Sandy Kennedy (CEO Entrepreneurial Scotland)
01 Oct 2018 The revolving door between university and the private sector & the importance of developing a commercial mind set in academia
  • Win Rampen (Founder and CEO Artemis IP and Syncrostore)
  • Kate Gearing (The Royal Society)
24 Sep 2018 Engineering perspectives: journey from academia into the commercial world & experience as engineering Entrepreneur in Residence
  • Fiona Riddock (Royal Society Entrepreneur in Residence at the School of Engineering)
  • Ian Underwood (School of Engineering)
03 Sep 2018 Building an innovative business on a shoe string
  • Roy Hotrabhvanon (Founder and CEO of PlayerData Ltd)

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