Harnessing the power of light to change the world - Dr Graeme Malcolm (M2 Lasers)

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Harnessing the power of light to change the world - Dr Graeme Malcolm (M2 Lasers)

  • Event time: 9:30am until 11:00am
  • Event date: 13th May 2024
  • Speaker: (M2 Lasers)
  • Location: CSEC Seminar Room (level 3, behind Magnet Cafe)

Event details

Founded in 2006, M Squared is now one of the UK's most innovative and disruptive technology businesses. Graeme’s interest in laser technology began at Strathclyde University with a degree in Laser Physics and Optoelectronics followed by PhD research into Compact Solid-State Lasers. At M Squared, Graeme oversees the development of a range of world-class laser, quantum and other photonics systems that are critical enablers in fundamental physics research and underpin many world-firsts. He is also focussed on finding technological and entrepreneurial solutions to some of society's critical problems: Quantum Sensing to enable new forms of detection, Quantum Computing to help solve society’s data computation problems, remote sensing for security and counter-terrorism, photonics to diagnose and treat degenerative brain disease, systems to monitor climate change and food production, and finding new ways to enhance life sciences imaging through microscopy. 

Passionate about using science and technology to make a real difference to the world, Graeme will be speaking about his entrepreneurial career to date and building on advancements at the frontier of science to create applications for the betterment of society. 

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