Ken Rice

Photo of Professor W K M Rice
Professor W K M Rice

Professor W K M Rice

Personal Chair of Computational Astrophysics
Academic staff
Royal Observatory, Edinburgh (ROE)
Room R8

Ken is a member of the following School research institute:

Research interests

My research interests are in theoretical and computational astrophysics . One focus is the evolution of accretion discs and how this relates to the formation of stars and planets. I am particularly interested in accretion discs that are massive enough for their own self-gravity to play a role in their evolution. I also have an interest in the formation and evolution of planets and planetary systems.  In particular, I am interested in how planets can migrate very close to their parent stars and what happens to such planets when they do end up in these very close orbits.

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Stars and planets

In this video Ken describes how he uses computer simulations to model the formation of stars and how this influences the subsequent formation of planets.

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