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A full listing of people in the School is below. Also see our contact page for general contact information and the names of key contacts.

Telephone numbers are shown as UK numbers. Callers from outside the UK should remove the leading zero and use the UK country code (+44).

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NameEmail addressTelephone (UK)BuildingRoom number
Graeme Acklandgjackland [at] 650 5299JCMB2502
Matt Addamsmatt.addams [at]
Veronika Afoninas1374087 [at] 651 7210JCMB2805
Shadab Alamsalam [at] 3
Marialuisa Aliottam.aliotta [at] 650 5288JCMB8204
Rosalind Allenrosalind.allen [at] 651 7197JCMB2507
Alexandra Amonaamon [at]
Marco Anconas1786889 [at]
Jochen Arltjochen.arlt [at] 650 5121JCMB2601
Marika Asgarima [at] 668 8381ROEEast Tower
Renato Assantes1773614 [at]
James Astons1755239 [at]
Sophie Ayscoughs1690656 [at]
Richard Ballr.d.ball [at] 650 5248JCMB4420
Lyndsey Ballantynel.ballantyne [at] 650 5830JCMB4320
Mikhail Bashkanovmikhail.bashkanov [at]
Umberto Battinou.battino [at]
George Beckettgeorge.beckett [at] 651 3577JCMB3417 / ROE Rm 5
David Behrendts1245012 [at]
Alessandro Bentivoglios1670187 [at]
Arjun Bereraab [at] 650 5246JCMB4412
Philip Bestpnb [at] 668 8358ROEC21
Beth Billerbb [at] 668 8349ROER4
Fiona Bissettf.bissett [at] 651 7746JCMB7307
Peter [at]
Robert Blakerpb [at] 668 8282ROER13
Elena [at] 651 3456JCMB1508
Richard Blyther.a.blythe [at] 650 5105JCMB2505
Mariangela Bonavitambonav [at] 668 8484ROE
Carol Borthwickcarol.borthwick [at] 650 5249JCMB4323a
Enrico Bothmannenrico.bothmann [at] 650 5304JCMB4409
Nathan Bournebourne [at] 668 8344ROES2 Stobie
Ken Bowlerkcb [at] 650 5233JCMB
Peter Boylepaboyle [at] 650 6573JCMB4410
Chris BrackleyC.Brackley [at] 650 8617JCMB2609
Aaron Bradleys1208373 [at]
Peter Brandpwb [at] 668 8236ROES
Derek BranfordD.Branford [at] 650 5290JCMB
Keith Bromleykeith.bromley [at] 651 7772JCMB1601
Christian Bronnum-Hansens1563584 [at]
Rebecca Brouwerss1529080 [at]
Aidan Brownabrown20 [at] 650 5229JCMB2610
Katherine Brownk.brown-31 [at]
Tracy Browntracy.brown [at] 650 5817JCMB4322
Alastair Bruces1335207 [at] 668 8370ROEC25
Carlo Brunocarlo.bruno [at] 650 5284JCMB8206
Keith Bruntonk.brunton [at] 651 7706JCMB7307
Luke Butcherlmb [at] 668 8249ROEEast Tower
Francesco Cagnettas1670524 [at]
Yanchuan Caicai [at] 668 8262ROES2
Murray Campbelld.m.campbell [at] 650 5262JCMB7306
Rosie Canes1668196 [at]
Mara Caponemara.capone [at]
Martin Carballo Pachecomartin.carballo [at] 650 5881JCMB2612
Fernando Carbonellf.carbonell [at]
Adam Carnalladamc [at]
Matteo Cataneomatteo.cataneo [at]
Michael Chiangs1309877 [at]
Thomas Chillerys1668188 [at]
Christopher Clarks1575039 [at]
Daniel ClarkD.Clark-9 [at]
Philip Clarkp.j.clark [at] 650 5231JCMB5417
Peter Clarkepeter.clarke [at] 650 6798JCMB5421
Paul Cleggpaul.clegg [at] 650 5295JCMB2614
Rachel Cochranercoch [at]
James Cockburnj.d.cockburn [at] 650 5862JCMB4403
Charles Cockellc.s.cockell [at] 650 2961JCMB1502
Jamie Coler.j.cole [at] 650 5999JCMB2608
Amy Colemans0936764 [at] 650 5258CSEC2.804
Ross Collinsrsc [at] 668 8418ROER3R
Giuseppe Congedogiuseppe.congedo [at] 668 8350ROEStobie 4
Lewis ConwayL.J.Conway [at]
Peter Cookes1774367 [at]
David Copelanddcope [at] 668 8370ROE111
Neil Corsien.corsie [at] 650 5260JCMB3201
Guido Cossuguido.cossu [at] 650 6572JCMB4406
Greig Cowang.cowan [at] 650 7193JCMB5413
David Crosbys1126635 [at]
Nicholas Crossnjc [at] 668 8281ROER8
Fergus Cullenfc [at] 668 8360ROEET
Robert Currierob.currie [at] 651 7689JCMB5412
Romeel Daverad [at] 688 8352ROEU14
Clive Davenhallacd [at] 668 8455ROER5
Michael Davidsonmdv [at] 668 8357ROER8
Tom Davinsont.davinson [at] 650 5250JCMB8205
Thomas Davisons0700387 [at] 650 5284JCMB8206
Angela Dawsonangela.dawson [at] 650 7165JCMB2617
Leonardo de la Cruzleonardo.delacruz [at]
Giulio De Magistriss1356442 [at] 650 8603JCMB2501
Luigi Del Debbioluigi.del.debbio [at] 650 5212JCMB4418
Vasiliy Demchenkovgd [at] 668 8360ROEC23
Jean-Christophe Denisj.c.denis [at] 650 5263JCMB2603
Tristan DenvirTristan.Denvir [at] 650 5900JCMB4210
Gennaro Di Pietros1307852 [at]
Andrew Dickinsons1631170 [at]
Katy Dickinsons0914066 [at] 651 7176JCMB1511
Mirco Dietzs1690519 [at] 650 5284JCMB8206
Susana Direitosusana.direito [at] 651 7771JCMB1603
Evangelia Drakopoulouevangelia.drakopoulou [at] 650 6772JCMB5414
Steven Duffields.duffield [at] 650 7139JCMB7307
James Dunlopjsd [at] 668 8477ROEU16
Loretta Dunneldunne [at] 668 8274ROER1/06, Crawford
Daniel Eastwooddeastw [at] 668 8370ROEC25
David Edwardsdce [at] 668 8360ROEC23
Rosie Edwardsrosie.edwards [at] 651 7192JCMB4212
Susanne Ehretsusanne.ehret [at] 650 6571JCMB4401
Stephan Eisenhardts.eisenhardt [at] 650 5300JCMB5418
Oliver Entwisles1355240 [at] 650 5258JCMB3311
Raphael Erraniraer [at]
Martin Evansm.evans [at] 650 5294JCMB2615
Michele Faucci Gianellimichele.faucci.giannelli [at]
Joey Faulknerjoeyf [at] 668 8360ROEC23
Annette Fergusonferguson [at] 668 8401ROEC13
Louise Fergusonlouise.ferguson [at] 651 7036JCMB4321
Nicola Fergusonnicola.ferguson [at] 650 5312JCMBStores
Joao Ferreirajpf [at] 668 8370ROEU4
Ana Fialhos1460631 [at] 651 7176JCMB1511
Gianluca Filacig.filaci [at]
Sarah Finnegans1229253 [at]
Mike Fisherm.fisher [at] 650 5208JCMB2104
Martina Foglinomfoglino [at]
Jim Folekj.folek [at] 650 5252JCMB2209/2911
Andreia Fonseca da Silvaandreia.silva [at] 651 3455JCMB1509
Clemence Fontaniveclemence.fontanive [at]
Athina Frantzanas1271493 [at] 650 6754JCMB3.3812
Kenneth Freemans0921613 [at]
David Frenchdavid.french [at] 651 3455JCMB1509
Joe Frenchjoseph.french [at] 651 7112JCMB1616
Indiarose Friswells1222838 [at]
Toby FuT.Fu [at] 650 6421JCMB2104/2108
Emmy Gabriele.p.m.gabriel [at]
Ross Gallowayross.galloway [at] 650 8614JCMB1615
Silvia Gambettasilvia.gambetta [at]
Einan Gardieinan.gardi [at] 650 6469JCMB4416
Ruchi Gargruchi.garg [at]
Marco Garofalos1459858 [at] 650 5862JCMB4301
Andrew Garriea.garrie [at] 650 5219JCMB2310
Tommaso Gianis1792848 [at]
Benjamin Giblinbengib [at] 668 8360ROEC23
Bryan Gillisbrg [at] 668 8471ROEStobie 3
Konstantin Gizdovk.gizdov [at]
Lara Gorgulho Alegrealegre [at]
Emily Goulde.m.gould [at]
Aleta Grahamaleta.graham [at] 650 7012JCMB4215
James Gratrexs1330415 [at] 650 5862JCMB4403
Clive Greatedc.a.greated [at] 650 5232JCMB7310
Eugene Gregoryanze.gregoryanz [at] 651 7223JCMB3.3811
Christopher Griffinc.j.griffin [at] 650 5284JCMB8206
Samuel Griffithss.e.griffiths-2 [at]
Donald Grigordonald.grigor [at] 651 7744JCMB7307
Malcolm Guthriemguthrie [at]
Yair Augusto Gutierrez FosadoY.A.Gutierrez-Fosado [at] 651 7176JCMB1511
Ben GuyBen.Guy [at]
Alexander Hallahall [at]
Cassandra Hallcxh [at] 668 8360ROEC23
Oscar Halls1668713 [at] 650 5284JCMB8206
Nigel Hamblynch [at] 668 8234ROER6
Conor Brian Hamills1771161 [at]
Quianjun Hangs1765089 [at]
Judy Hardyj.hardy [at] 650 6716JCMB1617
Joachim Harnois-Derapsjharno [at] 3
Paul Harrispaul.harris [at] 650 5219JCMB2310
Ahmed Hasibhasib.ahmed [at] 820558JCMB5416
Matthew Heathm.heath [at]
Joshua Helliers1373240 [at] 650 5258JCMB3311
Andreas Hermanna.hermann [at] 650 5824JCMB2604
Rafael Hernandez Jimenezs1367850 [at] 650 5862JCMB4301
Catherine Heymansheymans [at] 668 8301ROER7
Peter Higginsp.m.higgins [at]
Peter Higgsenquiries [at]
Wendy Hisbentw.hisbent [at] 651 3448JCMB4314
James Hitchenj.hitchen [at]
Richard Hos1005014 [at] 650 5273JCMB4301
Xanthe Hoads1463804 [at] 650 5307JCMB5301
Daniel Hodgsondaniel.hodgson [at] 650 5263JCMB2603
Mark Hollimanmsh [at] 668 8376ROER3
David Homans1564140 [at]
Roger Horsleyrhorsley [at] 650 6481JCMB4419
Will Hossackwill.hossack [at] 650 5261JCMB1612
Paul Hushs1770814 [at]
Andrew Huxleya.huxley [at] 651 7053JCMB2619
Tom Ivess0935333 [at] 650 8603JCMB2501
Rob Ivisonrji [at] 668 8361ROER.1/07
Yujie Jiangyujie.jiang [at]
Daid Kahldaid.kahl [at] 651 7705JCMB8210
Navneeta Katyann.katyan [at]
Stephen Kaystephen.kay [at] 650 5284JCMB8206
Harry Keenh.d.j.keen [at]
Caroline Keircaroline.keir [at] 651 7855JCMB4318
Liam Kelsalls1677034 [at]
Tom Kemps1414536 [at]
Joe Kennedys1478078 [at] 650 5273JCMB4301
Tony Kennedyadk [at] 650 5272JCMB4404
Richard Kenwayr.d.kenway [at] 650 5245JCMB4422
Michal Kepamkepa [at] 651 7222JCMB3.3812
Julia Kettles1035546 [at]
Ava Khamsehs0948358 [at] 650 5862JCMB4310
Sadegh Khochfarsadeghk [at] 668 8353ROEC19
Rohit Kondapallyrohitk [at]
Nick Koumakisnick.koumakis [at] 650 5883JCMB2621
Katarina KraljicKatarina.Kraljic [at]
Hanna Landenmarks1046113 [at] 651 7176JCMB1511
Fran Laneflane [at]
Andy Lawrenceal [at] 668 8346ROEU13
Benjamin Le Crombenjamin.lecrom [at] 650 5286JCMB8209
Elizabeth Leasons1743110 [at]
Claudia Lederer-Woodsclaudia.lederer-woods [at] 651 7058JCMB8207
Marion Lehurauxs1691955 [at]
Christos Leonidopouloschristos.leonidopoulos [at] 650 6769JCMB5415
Alexander Lewisalewis [at]
Teng [at]
Chunyan Liaov1cliao [at]
Elin Liljaelin.lilja [at] 651 3454JCMB1510
Chieh-An Linchieh-an.lin [at] 668 8380ROESt1
Alex Lipsalex.lips [at]
XinRan Liux.liu [at]
Stephen Lloyds0821167 [at] 650 5307ROE
Ingo Loai.loa [at] 651 7212CSEC3.3803
Christian Loachs1355587 [at] 650 5258JCMB3311
Sarah-Jane Lonsdales1514971 [at]
Claire Loudonclaire.loudon [at]
John Lovedayj.loveday [at] 651 7233JCMB2508
Derek Lowd.low [at] 650 6421JCMB2104
Graeme Lynchg.lynch [at] 650 5208JCMB2104
Joel Mabillards1528294 [at]
Fraser Mackays1026487 [at]
Cait MacPheecait.macphee [at] 650 5291JCMB2613
Gill Maddygill.maddy [at] 650 5304JCMB4320
Emil Mallminemil.mallmin [at]
Iva Manasis1374036 [at] 651 7176JCMB2510
Bob Mannrgm [at] 668 8338ROEC14
Maria Manolopouloumanolo [at]
Davide Marenduzzodmarendu [at] 650 5289JCMB2506
Irene MarianiIrene.Mariani [at] 650 5254JCMB4318
Miriam Marquesm.marques [at] 650 5234JCMB2607
Victoria Martinvictoria.martin [at] 651 7042JCMB5419
Vincent Martinezvincent.martinez [at] 650 8617JCMB2609
Miguel Martinez-Canalesmiguel.martinez [at] 650 5680JCMB2420
Maria Francesca Marzionis1475685 [at] 650 5284JCMB5301
Bojan MasicBojan.Masic [at] 650 5225JCMB1206B
Bernhard Massanis1574177 [at] 651 7210JCMB2.2805
Andrew Mathesonandrew.matheson [at] 650 5263JCMB2603
James Matthews1204611 [at]
Ben Maybees1731312 [at]
Maria Mazoy Saavedram.mazoysaavedra [at] 651 7524JCMB4315
David McCombwdm [at] 650 5230JCMB7306B
Manuela McDermidmanuela.mcdermid [at] 651 3452JCMB4323A
Natalie McDonaldNatalie.McDonald [at] 650 5900JCMB4210
Lindsey McFarlanelindsey.mcfarlane [at] 651 7830JCMB4215
Sean McGeeversean.mcgeever [at] 651 7743JCMB7307
Lewis McHales1772393 [at]
David McKaindavid.mckain [at] 650 5287JCMB7307
Mairi McKaymairi.mckay [at]
Laura McKinleyl.e.mckinley [at] 650 6799JCMB2510
Scott McLaughlinscott.mclaughlin [at] 651 3438JCMB1503
Derek McLeodmcleod [at] 668 8370ROEC25
Ross McLurerjm [at] 668 8419ROEU17
Malcolm McMahonm.i.mcmahon [at] 650 5956JCMB3804
Sean McMahonsean.mcmahon [at] 651 7771JCMB1603
Ryan McManusryanm [at]
Fiona McNaughtonfiona.mcnaughton [at] 650 5888JCMB4211
Stewart McWilliamsrs.mcwilliams [at] 650 5273CSEC3.3801
Rudi Mearss1563187 [at] 811595JCMB2618
Gavin Melaughg.melaugh [at] 651 3456JCMB1508
Patrick Merrilds0951799 [at] 650 5862JCMB4301
Davide Michielettodavide.michieletto [at] 651 7742JCMB1505
Liza Mijovicliza.mijovic [at] 650 6771JCMB5416
Valentina Mikroulivalentina.mikrouli [at]
Calum Milloycalum.milloy [at]
Paul Mitchellp.s.mitchell [at] 650 6784JCMB1610
Ben Moewsb.moews [at] 668 8370ROEC25
Gustav Mogullg.mogull [at] 650 6050JCMB4310
Lizeth Morales Gallegoss1138315 [at] 650 5284JCMB8206
Alexander Morozovalexander.morozov [at] 650 5882JCMB2616
Adam Morriss1354466 [at] 650 5307JCMB5301
Dave Morrisdmr [at]
Frank Morrisf.morris [at] 650 5313CSEC2809A
Ryan Morrisryan.morris [at] 651 7772JCMB1601
Ben Mortonmorton [at]
Peter Mottishawpeter.mottishaw [at] 650 5881JCMB2612
Catriona Mowattcatriona.mowatt [at] 668 8261ROEC17
Franz Muheimf.muheim [at] 650 5235JCMB5422
Ed Muirs1620953 [at]
Keith Munros0790333 [at] 651 7204CSEC2.2805
Iain Muntzi.a.a.muntz [at]
Alex Murphya.s.murphy [at] 650 5285JCMB8208
Saad Nabeebaccussaad.nabeebaccus [at]
Victor Naden-Robinsons1460005 [at] 650 5258JCMB3311
Graeme Nailgraeme.nail [at]
Dhritiman Nandandhritiman.nandan [at]
Miquel Nebot-Guinotmiquel.nebot [at]
Matthew Needhammneedham [at] 651 7037JCMB5411
Richard Nelmesr.j.nelmes [at] 445285JCMB
Michael Newtonmichael.newton [at] 650 5865JCMB1604
Isobel Nicholsons1547417 [at] 650 5273JCMB4301
Michael Nicholsons0832996 [at] 651 7176JCMB2510
Natasha Nicholsons1374322 [at] 650 6799JCMB2509
Athoy Nilimaathoynilima [at] gmail.comJCMB5301
David Nisbetdmn [at] 668 8481ROEU4
Emanuele Roberto Noceraenocera [at] 650 5244JCMB4421
Keith Noddlektn [at] 668 8306ROER5
Fionn Ó hÓgáins1567747 [at]
Eoin Ó Laighléiss1668844 [at]
Donal O'Connelldonal.o'connell [at]
Chris O'Neillchris.oneill [at] 650 5541JCMB2602
Rory O'Neillrory.o'neill [at] 651 3454JCMB1510
Barry O'Rourkebarry.o'rourke [at] 651 7747JCMB7307
Boon Kiat Ohbkoh [at]
Nikola Ojkicnikola.ojkic [at] 651 7742JCMB1505
Jose Onorbe Bernisjose.onorbe [at]
Ivan Oteoioteo [at]
Javier Otero Marquezjavier.otero [at] 651 3455JCMB1509
Pantelis Papadopoulosppapadop [at]
Marco PappagalloMarco.Pappagallo [at]
Shaghayegh Parsas1225480 [at] 668 8360ROEC23
Jana Pasztorovas1573050 [at]
Liz Patersonliz.paterson [at] 651 7837JCMB4318
Anne Pawseya.pawsey [at] 651 7772JCMB1601
Samuel Paylers1251564 [at] 651 7774JCMB1607
John Peacockjap [at] 668 8390ROEC20
Rosalyn Pearsonr.l.pearson [at]
Miriam Pena Alvarezmiriam.pena.alvarez [at]
Jorge Penarrubiajorpega [at] 668 8359ROEC18
Brian Pendletonbrian.pendleton [at] 650 5241JCMB4413
Carolina Pereiras1460633 [at] 651 7176JCMB1511
Liam Pereral.j.perera [at]
Stefano Petruccis1793056 [at]
Steve Playfers.m.playfer [at] 650 5275JCMB5420/ 5301
Wilson Poonw.poon [at] 650 5297JCMB2620
Antonin Portelliantonin.portelli [at] 650 5239JCMB4417
Luke Pritchard-Cairnss1636647 [at]
Ciprian Pruteanus1028231 [at] 650 5258JCMB3311
Ben Pullins1667790 [at]
Peter Puseyp.n.pusey [at]
Sam Ramseys1207776 [at]
Rebecca Rankinrebecca.rankin [at] 651 7230JCMB4214
Michael Readmar [at] 668 8328ROER3
Matthew Reevesmatthew.reeves [at] 650 5265JCMB2605
Joscha Reicheljoscha.reichel [at] 650 5862JCMB4301
Joe Rendlej.rendle [at] 650 5251JCMB4206
Mark Reynoldsmark.reynolds [at] 650 7404JCMB2905
Ken Ricewkmr [at] 668 8384ROEC15
James Richardsjames.a.richards [at] 651 7112JCMB1616
Joanna Richardsjoanna.richards [at] 650 5242JCMB4213
Irene Robles Garcias1036094 [at]
Dylan Robsons1759827 [at]
Ala RossAla.Ross [at] 650 5905JCMB4315
Nic Rossnpross [at] 668 8351ROEStobie 6
Marion Roulletmarion.roullet [at]
Nicholas Rowellnr [at] 668 8236ROER8
John Royerjohn.royer [at] 650 5229JCMB2610
Katherine Rumbles1345985 [at] 650 6799JCMB2510
Jose Sabater Montesjsm [at] 668 8311ROEEast Tower
Toby Samuelss1360327 [at] 651 7774JCMB1607
Laura Sawiaks1478680 [at]
Andrew Schofielda.b.schofield [at] 650 7257JCMB2203
Marieke SchorM.Schor [at] 650 7165JCMB2617
Jana Schwarz-LinekJana.Schwarz-Linek [at] 650 8617JCMB2609
Petra SchwendnerPetra.Schwendner [at]
Hannah Scotts1031677 [at]
Alan ShotterAlan.Shotter [at] 650 5298JCMB7309
Patrick Sinclairs1212500 [at]
Bhanu Singhbsingh2 [at]
Alexander Slowmans1271420 [at] 650 8603JCMB2501
Vanessa Smer-Barretovsm [at] 668 8360ROEU6
Jenni Smilliej.m.smillie [at] 650 5221JCMB4411
Gary Smithgsmith23 [at] 650 5256JCMB8209
Iwan Smiths1430611 [at] 650 5307JCMB5301
Andreas Sogaardandreas.sogaard [at] 25 85 19 98JCMB5301
Manila Songvilaymanila.songvilay [at] 651 7112JCMB1605
Iwona Soppaiwona.soppa [at] 651 7687JCMB2611
Tracey SquiresTracey.Squires [at]
Ivana Stankovics1459750 [at] 650 5284JCMB8206
Adam Stevensadam.stevens [at] 650 8608JCMB1504
Callum Stevenss1747196 [at]
Michael Stevensons1668784 [at]
Christopher Stockc.stock [at] 651 7066JCMB2606
Christian Storms1205159 [at]
Antonia Struebigantonia.struebig [at]
Eckhard Sutoriusetws [at] 668 8316ROER13
Juraj Szavits NossanJuraj.Szavits.Nossan [at] 650 5234JCMB2607
Mahdi Taanimahdi.taani [at]
Andrew Tadrowskis0562282 [at] 651 7773JCMB1605
Linda Taitl.tait [at] 650 5236JCMB4211
Emily Takevas1334010 [at]
Shirley Taos.tao [at] 650 7218JCMB4315
Ashley Tattersallashley.tattersall [at] 650 5284JCMB8206
Sharareh Tavaddods.tavaddod [at] 651 3454JCMB1510
Alan Taylors1032916 [at]
Andy Taylorant [at] 668 8298ROEU15
Daniel Taylordaniel.taylor [at]
Richard Taylorrichard.taylor [at] 650 5225JCMB1206b
Pat Teeratchanans1270872 [at] 650 6799JCMB3311
Job Thijssenj.h.j.thijssen [at] 650 5274JCMB2421
Sam Thomsons1251747 [at] 668 8483ROEU6
Stuart Thomsons0828679 [at] 651 7176JCMB2510
Adam Thorntonadam.thornton [at]
Simon Titmusssimon.titmuss [at] 650 5267JCMB2504
Eric Tittleyert [at] 668 8366ROEEast Tower
Kristel Torokoffkristel.torokoff [at] 650 5270JCMB7306A
Arthur Trewa.s.trew [at] 650 5025JCMB4323b
Tilman Troestertilman.troester [at]
J. Tobias Tsangj.t.tsang [at]
Kimberley Tucker-Hoodk.tucker-hood [at]
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