People by category: research postgraduates

Telephone numbers are shown as UK numbers. Callers from outside the UK should remove the leading zero and use the UK country code (+44).

NameEmail addressTelephone (UK)BuildingRoom number
Dogan Akpinars2414080 [at]
Julia AllenJulia.Allen [at]
Athari Alotaibis1889602 [at]
Marco Anconas1786889 [at]
Sarah Applebysapple [at]
Corrigan Appletoncorrigan.appleton [at]
Andres ArmuaAndres.Armua [at]
Renato Assantes1773614 [at]
James AstonJ.Aston [at]
Andre Baiao Raposos2109232 [at]
Orianna Balls1833584 [at]
Cassandra Barlow-Halls2110601 [at]
Charlie Batchelors2112263 [at]
Samuel BatemanSam.Bateman [at]
Cleis Battaglias2138122 [at]
Ryan Begleyryan.begley [at]
Idrus Belfaqihs2422539 [at]
Alessandro BentivoglioA.Bentivoglio [at]
Henrique Bergallo Rochah.b.rocha [at]
Elle Bethunes2033391 [at]
Ellie BishopE.Bishop [at]
Abhishek Bohares2432100 [at]
Andrea Bonatos1883312 [at]
Aaron Bradleys1208373 [at] Building
Joseph BradleyJoe.Bradley [at]
Daniel Brenerdaniel.brener [at]
Callum BrownCallum.Brown [at]
Georgia Elizabeth Browns2471453 [at]
Sam Browns1899057 [at]
Emma Bubbebubb [at]
Freya Bullfreya.bull [at]
Robin Burtonrobin.burton [at]
Emmet Byrneemmet.byrne [at]
Amanda ByströmAmanda.Bystrom [at]
James Cadmanjames.cadman [at] Centre for Innovation
Jaime Calderon Figueroajaime.calderon [at]
Rosie CaneR.Cane [at]
Thomas Cartert.carter [at]
John Chakanal Sunils2420974 [at]
Edmond Chans2033464 [at]
Edwin ChapmanEric.Chapman [at]
Liqi Chens2344054 [at]
Daniel Clarkdaniel-clark [at]
Rory ClaydonRory.Claydon [at]
Laura Confalonieris1999019 [at]
Lewis ConwayL.J.Conway [at]
Peter Cookes1774367 [at]
Dom CorbettDom.Corbett [at]
Patricio Correa AmaroS1959271 [at]
Dennis Crakedennis.crake [at] Building
Jennifer CurranJennifer.Curran [at]
Francois De Tournemires2451643 [at]
Eugenia Delacoueugenia.delacou [at]
Jack Delaneys1983688 [at]
Luc DeWulfs2139739 [at] 650 5812JCMB
Gennaro Di Pietrogdp [at] Centre for Innovation
Abbie Donaldsondonaldso [at] Open Plan
Xie DongXieDong [at]
Callum Donnancdon [at]
Sophie Dubberdubber [at]
Asaad Elkhidirs2196419 [at]
Conor Elrickconor.elrick [at]
Elise Evanselise.evans [at]
Keira Farmerkeira.farmer [at]
Léa Ferelleclea.ferellec [at] open plan area
Sarah FinneganSarah.Finnegan [at]
Tayemar Fowler-Davist.k.fowler-davis [at]
Giorgio Frangigiorgio.frangi [at]
Joe Frenchjoseph.french [at] 651 7112JCMB1616
Macarena Garcia Del Vallemacarena.garciavalle [at]
Daniel Gardenerdgar [at]
Jack Garganjack.gargan [at]
Konstantin Gizdovk.gizdov [at]
Richards Gonzálezr.y.gonzalez [at]
Jae Goodes2136437 [at]
Alexander GordonAlexander.Gordon [at]
Simone Gordonsimone.gordon [at]
Lara Gorgulho Alegrealegre [at] Building H1.20
Nisha Grewalnisha.grewal [at]
Juan Guerrero Monteros2111568 [at]
Ophelia GunnOphelia.Gunn [at] 1605
Massissilia Hamadouchemham [at]
Jennifer Harnetts2139940 [at] 650 5812JCMB1616
Louise Heads2110144 [at]
Matthew Heathm.heath [at]
Abigail Hellmana.f.hellman [at]
Peter Higginsp.m.higgins [at]
Jack HockingJack.Hocking [at]
Raoul Hodgsonraoul.hodgson [at]
Mylaine Holins2453891 [at]
Cassie Hoptons2200540 [at]
Jessica HowellJess.howell [at] Centre for Innovation
Jonathan Hunts1417454 [at]
Paul Hushs1770814 [at]
Amanda Ibsen Osorios1772670 [at]
Andrea Incatasciatos1874721 [at]
Aris Ioannous1332337 [at]
Fred JenningsFred.Jennings [at]
Nathan Johnsons1244024 [at]
Ewan Jonesejones [at] Office
Marios Kalomenopoulosmarios.kalomenopoulos [at]
Minas Karamanisminas.karamanis [at]
Ryan Keoghs2129428 [at]
Arnaz Khanarnaz.khan [at]
Maya Khelas1709582 [at]
Marcin Kirszmarcin.kirsz [at]
Jason Klebess1203908 [at]
Timofey Kozhukhovs2128486 [at]
Jingjing Althea Laijlai [at] Open Plan Area
Jason Lavals1524131 [at]
Lucas Le Nagards1863733 [at] 651 7176JCMB1511
Joseph Leejoseph.lee [at]
Damien Paulin Leflots2439481 [at]
Martin Lellepmartin.lellep [at]
Guy Hector Leongs1807902 [at]
Kahou LeongKH.Leong [at]
Jiaoyang [at]
Qingchen Lis1688285 [at]
Zi Yan Lis1408973 [at]
William Lindveds1544421 [at]
Pengyu Liupengyu.liu [at]
Samuel LloydSamuel.Lloyd [at]
Kevin Lokevin.lo [at]
Ivan Lobaskinivan.lobaskin [at]
Xiancong Luos2431720 [at]
Alessandro LupoAlessandro.Lupo [at]
Niamh Mahers1871884 [at]
Soichiro MakinoS.Makino [at]
Alessandro Maraiomaraio [at]
Jay Marsdens2178119 [at] 650 5812JCMB
Jordan MarshJordan.Marsh [at]
Joe Marsh RossneyJoe.Marsh-Rossney [at]
Michael MarshallMichael.Marshall [at]
Rob McGibbonrob.mcgibbon [at] Open Plan Area
Lewis McHales1772393 [at]
James McHardys1022046 [at]
Veronica McKinnys1859284 [at] 650 8603JCMB2509
Thiago Mergulhaothiago.mergulhao [at]
Patrick Merrilds0951799 [at] 650 5862JCMB4301
Matthew Metsons1843153 [at]
Mahya Meyaris2263485 [at]
Sara Mitchells1872836 [at]
Yuyu Mos1929329 [at]
Muhammad Firdaus Mohd Soberifirdaus.soberi [at]
Carmen Morcillo PerezCarmen.Morcillo.Perez [at] 650 8603JCMB2509
Charlie Tupman Mpethac.mpetha [at]
Brian MurphyBrian.Murphy [at] 23
Asuka Nakamura-Pinders1643199 [at]
Conor Nallyconor.nally [at]
Anh Nguyenanh.nguyen [at]
Fionn Ó hÓgáinFionn.O.Hogain [at]
Eoin Ó LaighléisE.O-Laighleis [at]
Ryunosuke O'Neilr.oneil [at]
Larissa Palethorpelarissa.palethorpe [at]
Giorgia Palombos2200118 [at]
Jérémy Paltrinierijeremy.paltrinieri [at]
Martina Palusamartina.palusa [at]
Leopoldine ParczannyLeopoldine.Parczanny [at]
Holly Parkinsonh.b.parkinson [at]
Victoria Parrishs1972561 [at]
Dinesh Parthasarathys2453474 [at]
Emily PenderEmily.Pender [at]
Anne-Maelle Penots1864172 [at]
Toby Peterkens2078322 [at]
Stefano PetrucciStefano.Petrucci [at]
Frederika Phippsphipps [at]
Corey Piriecorey.pirie [at]
Nelson Pitanga Lachininelson.lachini [at]
Ofelia Popescus1643516 [at]
Samuel Pratts2408030 [at]
Sam Ramseys1207776 [at]
Philippe ReekiePhilippe.Reekie [at]
Marina Reggiani Guzzom.reggiani-guzzo [at]
Harry Rendell-Bhattiharry.rendell [at]
Alex Richardsons1605376 [at]
Mary Richardson-Slipperm.richardson-slipper [at]
Harkirat Singh Riyats2196641 [at]
Gary Robertsongary.robertson [at]
Olin Robinsons2237076 [at]
Dylan Robsons1759827 [at]
Edwin Rodriguez Dzuls1987222 [at]
Annie RooneyAnnie.Rooney [at]
Finn Roperfinn.roper [at]
Alasdair Rossalasdair.ross [at]
Matthew Rowes2080499 [at]
Matteo Sergolamatteo.sergola [at]
Lewis SextonLewis.Sexton [at]
Philip Shortpshort [at]
Hannah Shuttleworthhannah.shuttleworth [at]
Yuchen [at]
Manika Sidhus2135306 [at]
Patrick Sinclairp.sinclair [at]
Orlaith Skeltons2135342 [at]
Viktor Skultetyviktor.skultety [at]
Ola (Aleksandra) Sobieskas1660024 [at]
James Spenders2448549 [at]
Thomas StantonT.Stanton [at]
Callum StevensCallum.R.Stevens [at]
Michael StevensonM.Stevenson [at]
Calum Straincalum.strain [at]
Raj Tadiraj.tadi [at] 2510
Emily Takevas1334010 [at]
Ashley Tattersallashley.tattersall [at] 650 5284JCMB8206
Sam Tealesam.teale [at]
Neofytos Themistokleousneofytos.themistokleous [at] cern.chJCMB3420
Matthew Thomass2271563 [at]
Linus Thummellinus.thummel [at]
Ryan Drew TraversR.D.Travers [at]
Konstantinos Tsanavariskostas.tzan [at]
Fuat Ustunerf.ustuner [at]
Zahra Valeis2216346 [at]
Sebastiaan Van de Bundseb.vandebund [at]
Mile Vbricas2423971 [at]
Nia Verdonnia.verdon [at]
Jaime Villasenorjvi [at]
Elena Villhauers1668492 [at]
Constantinos Vrahass1621622 [at]
Annemiek Waajenannemiek.waajen [at] 651 7154JCMB1613
Mengnan Wangs1983646 [at]
Niall Whitefords1753970 [at]
Michael Wilsonmichael.wilson [at]
Zhenyu WuZhenyu.Wu [at]
Rashid Yaaqibrashid.yaaqib [at]
Tianyi Yangs2109053 [at]
Charles Yins1612350 [at]
Andrew YongAndrew.Yong [at]
Xinhao Yus1871834 [at]
Bohan Yuebohan.yue [at] Open Plan
Estifa'a ZaidEstifa'a.Zaid [at]
Aisyah Zainals2406274 [at]
Rokas Zemaitisrokasz [at]
Yunhao ZhangYunHao.Zhang [at] Open Plan
Zehao Zhus1996839 [at]