People by category: research staff

Telephone numbers are shown as UK numbers. Callers from outside the UK should remove the leading zero and use the UK country code (+44).

NameEmail addressTelephone (UK)BuildingRoom number
Shadab Alamsalam [at] 3
Jochen Arltjochen.arlt [at] 650 5121JCMB2601
Marika Asgarima [at] 668 8381ROEEast Tower
Umberto Battinou.battino [at]
Mariangela Bonavitambonav [at] 668 8484ROE
Alexei Borissovalexei.borissov [at]
Chris BrackleyC.Brackley [at] 650 8617JCMB2609
Rebecca Brouwersrebecca.brouwers [at]
Alastair Brucealb [at] 668 8344ROESt2
Carlo Brunocarlo.bruno [at] 650 5284JCMB8206
Yanchuan Caicai [at] 668 8285ROES7
Martin Carballo Pachecomartin.carballo [at] 650 5881JCMB2612
Adam Carnalladamc [at] 2
Matteo Cataneomatteo.cataneo [at]
Ross Collinsrsc [at] 668 8418ROEH1.02
Giuseppe Congedogiuseppe.congedo [at] 668 8350ROEStobie 4
Greig Cowang.cowan [at] 650 7193JCMB5413
Nicholas Crossnjc [at] 668 8281ROEH1.04
Weiguang CuiWeiguang.Cui [at] 668 8212ROER3
Fergus Cullenfc [at] 668 8360ROEET
Robert Currierob.currie [at] 651 7685JCMB3420
Tom Davinsont.davinson [at] 650 5250JCMB8205
Angela Dawsonangela.dawson [at] 650 7165JCMB2617
Leonardo de la Cruzleonardo.delacruz [at] 650 5244JCMB4421
Susana Direitosusana.direito [at] 651 7771JCMB1603
Evangelia Drakopoulouevangelia.drakopoulou [at] 650 6772JCMB3406
Bertrand Duclouebertrand.ducloue [at]
Daniel Eastwooddaniel.eastwood [at] 668 8483ROEU6
Hossein Ehteshamihehtesha [at]
Stephan Eisenhardts.eisenhardt [at] 650 5300JCMB3412
Felix Erbenfelix.erben [at]
Giulio Falcionigiulio.falcioni [at]
Michele Faucci Giannellimichele.faucci.giannelli [at]
Gianluca Filacig.filaci [at]
Andreia Fonseca da Silvaandreia.silva [at] 651 3455JCMB1509
David Frenchdavid.french [at] 651 3455JCMB1509
Silvia Gambettasilvia.gambetta [at]
Ruchi Gargruchi.garg [at]
Bryan Gillisbrg [at] 668 8471ROEStobie 3
Thomas Glent.glen [at]
Vera GuelpersVera.Guelpers [at]
Alexander Hallahall [at]
Nigel Hamblynch [at] 668 8234ROEHiggs H1.06
Guillermo Nicolas Hamityghamity [at]
Joachim Harnois-Derapsjharno [at] 3
Ahmed Hasibhasib.ahmed [at] 820558JCMB3417
Daniel Hodgsondaniel.hodgson [at] 650 5263JCMB2603
Mark Hollimanmsh [at] 668 8376ROEH1.02
Daid Kahldaid.kahl [at] 651 7705JCMB8210
Nick Koumakisnick.koumakis [at] 650 5883JCMB2621
Katarina KraljicKatarina.Kraljic [at]
Pete Kuzmapete.kuzma [at] 2
Teng [at] 651 7685JCMB3420
Elin Liljaelin.lilja [at] 651 3454JCMB1510
Chieh-An Linchieh-an.lin [at] 668 8380ROESt1
Alex Lipsalex.lips [at]
XinRan Liux.liu [at]
Miriam Marquesm.marques [at] 650 5234JCMB2607
Vincent Martinezvincent.martinez [at] 650 8617JCMB2609
Ivan Maryshevivan.maryshev [at]
Shona Matthewshona.matthew [at] 668 8382ROEH 1.06
Derek McLeodmcleod [at] 668 8370ROEET
Sean McMahonsean.mcmahon [at] 651 7771JCMB1508
Gavin Melaughg.melaugh [at] 651 3456JCMB1508
Davide Michielettodavide.michieletto [at] 651 7742JCMB1505
Liza Mijovicliza.mijovic [at] 650 6771JCMB3417
Dave Morrisdmr [at]
Ryan Morrisryan.morris [at] 651 7772JCMB1601
Peter Mottishawpeter.mottishaw [at] 650 5881JCMB2612
Graeme Nailgraeme.nail [at]
Miquel Nebot-Guinotmiquel.nebot [at]
Michael Newtonmichael.newton [at] 650 5865JCMB1604
Keith Noddlektn [at] 668 8306ROER5
Chris O'Neillchris.oneill [at] 650 5541JCMB2602
Rory O'Neillrory.o'neill [at] 651 3454JCMB1510
Ed PaceEd.Pace [at]
Serena Palazzoserena.palazzo [at]
Marco PappagalloMarco.Pappagallo [at]
Miriam Pena Alvarezmiriam.pena.alvarez [at]
Michael Petersenmichael.petersen [at] 1
Rebecca PrescottR.Prescott [at]
Michael Readmar [at] 668 8328ROER3
Nicholas Rossnpross [at] 668 8351ROEStobie 6
Nicholas Rowellnr [at] 668 8236ROEH1.03
Jose Sabater Montesjsm [at] 668 8311ROEEast Tower
Rosa Santomartinorosa.santomartino [at]
Andrew Schofielda.b.schofield [at] 650 7257JCMB2203
Jana Schwarz-LinekJana.Schwarz-Linek [at] 650 8617JCMB2609
Britton Smithbritton.smith [at] 668 8342ROER12
Gary Smithgary.smith [at] 650 5311JCMB3406
Andreas Sogaardandreas.sogaard [at]
Manila Songvilaymanila.songvilay [at] 651 7112JCMB1605
Daniele Sorinisorini [at]
Adam Stevensadam.stevens [at] 650 8608JCMB1504
Antonia Struebigantonia.struebig [at]
Teresita Suarez Noguezsuarez [at]
Eckhard Sutoriusetws [at] 668 8316ROEH1.08
Juraj Szavits NossanJuraj.Szavits.Nossan [at] 650 5234JCMB2607
Sharareh Tavaddods.tavaddod [at] 651 3454JCMB1510
Eric Tittleyert [at] 668 8366ROEEast Tower
Tilman Troestertilman.troester [at] 668 8475ROEStobie 5
Anna Lisa Varrianna.varri [at]
Teun Visserst.vissers [at] 650 5883JCMB2621
Stelios Voutsinasstv [at] 668 8328ROER3
Simon WeirSimon.Weir [at]
Niraj Welikalaniraj.welikala [at]
Heather Wiebeh.wiebe [at]
Roy Williamsroy.williams [at] 668 8455ROER5
Tiffany Woodtiffany.wood [at] 651 7687JCMB2611
Alan Woolleyawoolley [at] 650 5259JCMB1205
Ben Wynneb.m.wynne [at]
Wenlong Yuanwenlong.yuan [at]