PhD project: Multi-loop scattering amplitudes and fundamental physics experiments

Project description

Scattering amplitudes are fundamental observables in quantum field theories and find applications from collider physics to gravitational wave physics. Intense studies have been fueled by the ever-increasing precision of the experiments as well as the fascinating mathematical structures uncovered by modern methods. The PhD student will explore one or more topics listed below.

(1) Modern methods for loop amplitude integrands which bypass Feynman diagrams, such as generalized unitarity which sews on-shell tree amplitudes into loop amplitudes, and the double copy construction which expresses gravity amplitudes as the "square" of simpler gauge theory amplitudes.

(2) Methods for evaluating multi-loop integrals, such as integration by parts, differential equations, iterated integrals, and computer algebra (computational algebraic geometry, reconstruction of analytic expressions from numerical sampling).

(3) Diverse applications include sophisticated scattering processes at particle colliders, dynamics of binary black holes probed by gravitational wave detectors, and ultraviolet behavior in perturbative gravity. Understanding infrared divergences and special kinematic limits is a common theme in realistic applications, and benefit from both effective field theories and diagrammatic analyses.

Project supervisor

  • (School of Physics & Astronomy, University of Edinburgh)

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