News archive: 2018

Yearly listings of School news.

A diffusing barrier creates a new universality class for interfacial growth

13 August 2018
Investigating the shape of protein and bacterial interfaces in the presence of an impenetrable moving membrane

Award in recognition of excellence in nuclear physics for Carlo Bruno

30 July 2018
The European Physical Society announces prize winners of PhD theses in experimental, theoretical or applied nuclear physics

Prof Cait MacPhee is Royal Society’s Gabor Medal winner 2018

20 July 2018
The Gabor Medal is awarded annually for acknowledged distinction of interdisciplinary work between the life sciences with other disciplines

Life on Earth kept to darkness for much of history

20 July 2018
Tiny creatures that lived in the dark – either underground or below the sea floor – were the dominant life forms on Earth for much of the planet’s history, a study suggests

Laser experiments shed light on Earth’s core

16 July 2018
Scientists have discovered fresh insights into the metallic core at the centre of our planet

‘Physicist of the Year’ prizes awarded to local school pupils

02 July 2018
Local secondary school pupils receive award and gain an insight into studying physics

Proteins make waves and surf them in the cell membrane

25 June 2018
A new stochastic equation for active, growing interfaces predicts the evolving shape of a cellular membrane

CERN upgrade to enable increased understanding of the physical universe

18 June 2018
Edinburgh researchers will help further the understanding of the physical universe following a major upgrade to create the High-Luminosity Large Hadron Collider (HL-LHC)

Charles Glover Barkla plaque commemoration

14 June 2018
Nobel Laureate is commemorated at former residence Hermitage House

Chemical traces from star formation cast light on cosmic history

04 June 2018
Chemical traces from star formation cast light on cosmic history.

Higgs Centre for Innovation – newly opened centre supporting entrepreneurs

28 May 2018
Opening of centre which supports space and data-intensive sector start-ups and SMEs

Success for School staff in the EUSA Teaching Awards

01 May 2018
Congratulations to Dr Jamie Cole and Prof Philip Clark for their success in the 2018 Teaching Awards

How bacteria use sticky patches to adhere to surfaces

30 April 2018
Understanding how bacteria stick, the differences of adhesion within a population of bacteria, and its influence in biomedical applications

Mission to chart a 3D map of the Milky Way

25 April 2018
Second release of results from the European Space Agency's Gaia mission takes place to the world scientific community

Physics magic at the Edinburgh International Science Festival

18 April 2018
Apprentice witches and wizards create potions and conduct spells at the ‘Physics Wizardry: Potion and Alchemy’ class

Deflection of remnant light from the big bang through cosmic filaments

17 April 2018
Scientists gain a greater understanding of central problems of cosmology like dark matter and dark energy

Elizabeth Leason wins Institute of Physics Conference poster prize

16 April 2018
Congratulations to year 1 PhD student in prize success

Royal Society Entrepreneur in Residence

12 April 2018
The School of Physics and Astronomy is delighted to welcome Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne, Founder of Genius Foods Ltd as our Royal Society Entrepreneur in Residence

Smallest galaxies in Universe lend insights into dark matter

09 April 2018
Scientists have created a new method to measure the amount of dark matter at the centre of tiny dwarf galaxies

Colleagues pay tribute to Prof Clive Greated

27 March 2018
School of Physics and Astronomy colleagues remember Professor Clive Greated who sadly passed away

Soft meets hard: hybrid solid electrolytes for all-solid-state batteries

12 March 2018
The creation of hybrid ceramic-polymer electrolytes

Physics-based model improves our understanding of the genetic code

05 March 2018
This cross-disciplinary work brings together physics and biology in order to understand how the genetic code determines the rate of protein production in the cell

Physics outreach workshops involving sweets, gin and beer!

01 March 2018
Discovering the physics that governs how the complex fluids in food and drink interact

Congratulations to new Fellows of the Royal Society of Edinburgh

27 February 2018
Congratulations to Professors Philip Best and Catherine Heymans, who have been elected to become Fellows of the Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE)

Painting with light-powered bacteria

22 February 2018
Researchers use genetically modified bacteria to produce light-induced patterns as a potential route for engineering smart materials

Taking complex fluids into a magical world

22 February 2018
Classes and demonstrations inspired by the ‘Harry Potter: A History of Magic’ exhibition at the British Library

Applications invited for Chancellor's Fellows

12 February 2018
These prestigious awards support highly talented early career researchers from across the world to develop their careers.

Beltane Fellow award for Dr Anne Pawsey

07 February 2018
Congratulations to Dr Anne Pawsey who has been awarded as ambassador for her public engagement work

Top cited particle physics paper

22 January 2018
'Results from a search for dark matter in the complete LUX exposure'