News archive: 2020

Yearly listings of School news.

New study of merging black holes casts doubt on dark matter origin story

17 December 2020
Research suggested dark matter consists entirely of ‘primordial’ black holes.

Discovery of a starless binary system of brown dwarfs

16 December 2020
Scientists discover an exotic binary system composed of two brown dwarfs formed in the same way as stars

European Research Council Consolidator Grant award

10 December 2020
Congratulations to Dr Stewart McWilliams who has been awarded a European Research Council Consolidator Grant

Blavatnik Award recognition for Prof Sinead Farrington

09 December 2020
Congratulations to Prof Sinead Farrington who is named 2021 Blavatnik Awards for Young Scientists in the United Kingdom Laureate in Physical Sciences & Engineering

Lifetime achievement award in acoustics

03 December 2020
Congratulations to Prof Murray Campbell who has been presented with a lifetime achievement award from the European Acoustics Association

Triple success for astronomy researchers

01 December 2020
Congratulations to Dr Adam Carnall, Dr Catherine Hale and Dr Tilman Troester who have all been awarded Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellowships.

Award recognition for research on energy materials

25 November 2020
Congratulations to Dr Elton Santos who has been awarded the Charles Hatchett Award from the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining.

Milky Way disturbed by violent galaxy encounter

24 November 2020
The long-held belief that the Milky Way is relatively static has been ruptured by fresh cosmic insight.

Chancellor’s Rising Star Award

18 November 2020
Congratulations to Davide Michieletto who has been awarded a 2020 Chancellor’s Rising Star Award from the University.

Testing the early universe from deep underground

12 November 2020
The LUNA experiment sheds light on the density of matter that makes up everything we know of in the universe.

Mining rocks in orbit could aid deep space exploration

11 November 2020
The first mining experiments conducted in space could pave the way for new technologies to help humans explore and establish settlements on distant worlds.

Next-gen astronomical survey makes its first observations

03 November 2020
A new understanding of the cosmos, as the Sloan Digital Sky Survey’s fifth generation collects its first observations.

Dr Miriam Peña-Alvarez awarded Future Leaders Fellowship

02 November 2020
Congratulations to Dr Peña-Alvarez who has been awarded a Future Leaders Fellowship in round 4 of the award.

Mass screening method cuts Covid testing costs

27 October 2020
Using a new mathematical approach to screen large groups for Covid-19 could be around 20 times cheaper than individual testing.

Postgraduate Virtual Open Days, 9-13 November 2020

14 October 2020
Attend the Postgraduate Virtual Open Days and find out about studying in the School of Physics & Astronomy

Delving into dark matter detection

14 October 2020
Join an international team of scientists as they unpack the mysteries of dark matter.

Physics and astronomy ranking results

12 October 2020
The latest university rankings have confirmed The University of Edinburgh as a leading institute for studying Physics and Astronomy.

Simulation model reveals new information on the spread of Covid-19

08 October 2020
Fresh analysis of data that informed the government’s decision on lockdown reveals new information on school closures and social distancing.

Award recognition for PhD students

07 October 2020
Congratulations to the PhD students who have received a Winton Award in recognition for their research theses.

Scientists awarded European Research Council starting grants

06 October 2020
Grants awarded to Dr Ross Howie and Dr Davide Michieletto to help build their teams and conduct pioneering research.

Soft matter science and the Covid-19 pandemic

29 September 2020
Identifying and tackling gaps in soft matter knowledge base to better prepare for viral pandemics.

Science meets literacy

23 September 2020
Pupils from Craigour Park Primary School quiz physicists and share interviews about their research.

Applications invited for UKRI Future Leader Fellowships and Stephen Hawking Fellowships

08 September 2020
The School welcomes applications from both external and internal scientists interested in applying for personal fellowships.

Prof Wilson Poon awarded ECIS-Solvay Prize

03 September 2020
This prize is granted in recognition of work of outstanding quality in the field of colloid and interface science.

Resource wiki unveiled for School postdoctoral staff

27 August 2020
New wiki page contains information, guidance and resources for postdoctoral research staff.

University Research Fellowship award for Davide Michieletto

18 August 2020
The University Research Fellowship scheme from the Royal Society supports outstanding scientists who have the potential to become leaders in their field.

Launch of Biofilm Campaign

17 August 2020
Involvement in the National Biofilms Innovation Centre (NBIC) biofilm awareness campaign, #BiofilmAware, which will run over the next 12 months.

Scientists at CERN one step closer to understanding the Higgs boson due to new observations

13 August 2020
New results have been announced by particle physicists at CERN that will move them closer to understanding the basic forces that shape our universe.

Dark matter riddle comes to light

31 July 2020
Latest research suggests that dark matter is more evenly spread across the Universe than previously thought

STEM boxes for Edinburgh pupils inspire next generation of scientists

24 July 2020
Curiosity boxes packed with fun STEM (science, technology, engineering, and maths) activities have been given the thumbs up by primary school pupils in Edinburgh.

3D map of galaxies reveals treasures of the Cosmos

23 July 2020
The largest 3D galaxy map of the Universe ever created fills in the most significant gaps in our exploration of its history over 11 billion years of cosmic time.

Code creation and robot rovers: kids explore planets from home

22 July 2020
Scientists adjust the Remote3 project in order that children can learn and develop coding and technological skills during lockdown.

Launch of BioAsteroid experiment to space station

22 July 2020
Scientists investigate the effects of microbes on asteroidal material in space under microgravity conditions.

Applications invited for Postdoctoral Fellowships

06 July 2020
The School welcomes applications from both external and internal scientists interested in applying for personal fellowships.

Possible light sparked by colliding black holes

25 June 2020
Astronomers have seen what could be the first ever light flare detected from a black hole merger.

Black Lives Matter

11 June 2020
The School is committed to addressing equality, diversity and inclusion, and has a zero-tolerance stance to any form of racist or discriminatory behaviour.

Understanding the puzzle of the χc1(3872) state

01 June 2020
New precision measurements of the lineshape of the χc1(3872) are helping scientists to understand the nature of this puzzling meson.

Helium-ammonia compounds predicted

14 May 2020
Discovery that helium and ammonia can form compounds over a wide pressure range.

Dr James Aird and Dr Maxwell T. Hansen awarded Future Leaders Fellowships

23 April 2020
Congratulations to the recipients of the UK Research and Innovation Future Leaders Fellowships - a scheme which aims to secure the country as world-leading in scientific research and innovation.

Scientists discover supernova that outshines all others

14 April 2020
A supernova which is at least twice as bright and energetic, and likely much more massive than any yet recorded, has been identified by a team of astronomers.

Computational approach to speed up the identification of viruses and bacteria

14 April 2020
Computer simulations of molecular probes binding weakly to target DNA suggests a new way to help detect diseases.

Astronomers measure wind speed on a brown dwarf

10 April 2020
Scientists have used a new technique to take the first-ever measurement of atmospheric wind speed outside the solar system.

Discovery of three new Xic0 baryons at the LHCb experiment

01 April 2020
Colleagues have discovered new particles with data from the Large Hadron Collider beauty experiment at CERN

School exam arragements and remote teaching arrangements from 23 March 2020

20 March 2020
Latest details of teaching and exam arrangements in semester 2

Dr Adam Carnall attending the 70th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting

18 March 2020
Congratulations to Adam who has been selected to participate in this event which focuses on the exchange of knowledge and ideas between Nobel Laureates and young scientists.

School teaching arrangements for week beginning 16 March 2020

15 March 2020
Details of teaching arrangements following an update by the Principal and Vice-Chancellor on the latest developments regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Congratulations to the new Fellows of the Royal Society of Edinburgh

05 March 2020
Prof Rosalind Allen is included in the 64 new fellows announced from across sciences, arts, education, business and public life.

Postgraduate Virtual Open Week

28 February 2020
The University of Edinburgh Postgraduate Virtual Week is taking place on 16-20 March 2020

Europlanet launches 10M Euro research infrastructure to support planetary science

27 February 2020
Europlanet 2024 Research Infrastructure (RI) will provide open access to the world’s largest collection of planetary simulation and analysis facilities, as well as a global network of small telescopes, data services, and community support activities.

Applications invited for UKRI Future Leader Fellowships

07 February 2020
The School welcomes applications from both external and internal scientists interested in applying for latest round of UKRI Future Leader Fellowships. CV and 2 page preliminary case for support to be submitted by 6th March 2020

Neil Turok, the Inaugural Higgs Chair of Theoretical Physics, brings in new focus on the quantum universe

23 January 2020
Professor Neil Turok, a world-leading researcher in theoretical physics and fundamental cosmology has been appointed as the Inaugural Higgs Chair by the University of Edinburgh.

Congratulations to Murray Campbell who has been awarded the Silver Medal in Musical Acoustics by the Acoustical Society of America

13 January 2020
Recognition for contributions to science through the application of musical acoustics, particularly to the study of brass wind instruments.