Andrew Huxley

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Professor A Huxley

Professor A Huxley

Academic staff
James Clerk Maxwell Building (JCMB)
Room 2619

Andrew is a member of the following School research institute and research areas:

Research interests

Prof Huxley's research is into quantum states formed from strongly correlated electrons.

Such states include superconductivity, different forms of magnetism, modulated or reduced symmetry electronic structures and topological states.  

This research includes synthesis of high purity crystals, and the development and use of low-temperature laboratory based apparatus and central facility experiments to elucidate how such states may be brought about and to guide the discovery of new materials and potentially new types of state.

Huxley is best known for his work on non-conventional superconductivty and in particular the formation of superconductivity in ferromagnets. He was awarded a Royal Society Wolfson Merit award in 2006. He was a research scientist at CEA-Grenoble France from 1994-2006 and was appointed to the Chair of Physics at Edinburgh in 2006.

  • Course organiser: Junior Honours Thermodynamics : 2007-2012
  • Course organiser: Senior Honours Condensed Matter Physics : 2012-current
  • Course organiser: CM-DTC graduate course in superconductivity : 2009-current
  • Joint course organiser: CM-DTC graduate course in magnetism : 2012-current
  • contributor: CM-DTC graduate course in probes of condensed matter : 2009-current

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