PhD project: Nonequilibrium Phase Transitions

Project description

A major question concerning non-equilibrium systems is how their properties differ from systems in thermal equilibrium and in particular what is the nature of non-equilibrium phase transitions. A major achievement of our work in Edinburgh has been the realisation that phase transitions and, in particular, spontaneous symmetry breaking may occur in one-dimensional (1d) systems as opposed to equilibrium systems where phase transitions cannot occur in 1d. Such systems are realised, for example, by traffic and granular flow. A related non-equilibrium phase transition is 'real-space condensation' the characteristic feature of which is that above a critical density of the microscopic constituents a finite fraction of constituents 'condense' onto one site of the corresponding lattice model. The project is to extend our understanding of and to discover new non-equilibrium phase transitions through numerical and analytical studies.

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