PhD project: Probing the Behaviour of Matter at Extreme Densities Using Dynamic Compression

Project description

The upper pressure limit of the diamond anvil cell is some 4 million atmospheres (4 bars or 400 Pa). Pressures above this can be accesses only by dynamic compression methods, where extremely intense pulsed laser beams are used to generate a compression wave that then compresses the sample. Such techniques can generate pressures above 1 TPa (10 Mbars) and perhaps to 5 TPa or more. In this project, you will use powerful laser sources - OMEGA and JANUS, and perhaps also the National Ignition Facility (NIF), the most powerful laser in the world - to compress samples to above 1 TPa, and determine their crystal structure using nanosecond x-ray diffraction. The project will involve simulations of target designs, and will be conducted in collaboration with researchers from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and AWE Aldermaston.

Project supervisor

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