PhD project: Stochastic Resetting in Chemical Physics

Project description

Stochastic resetting, i.e., a situation where an ongoing dynamical process is stopped randomly in time to start over, has gained extreme interest in recent years since it is frequently observed in an array of systems. For example, resetting is crucial to understand enzymatic and heterogeneous catalysis as the unbinding of enzyme from the enzyme-substrate complex, an integral part of the Michaelis-Menten reaction scheme, is essentially nothing but resetting.

While an overwhelming number of recent works addressed the effect of resetting on various stochastic processes, very few were dedicated to explore chemical reactions as resetting phenomena. To bridge this gap, we explore the dynamics and thermodynamics of simple schemes of chemical reaction utilising the framework of resetting. The project is to investigate the trade-off between the cost of unbinding (i.e., resetting) and the speedup of the mean completion time of the underlying chemical reaction due to it.

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