PhD project: Strong external fields and non-perturbative physics

Project description

Dr Ilderton does not plan to take a PhD student on this project starting in Sept 2024.

Perturbation theory is one of the most basic and universal tools in quantum field theory and underlies many of the successes of the Standard Model. What happens, though, when perturbation theory does not apply, or breaks down and requires resummation? These are issues which must be confronted in strong field physics.

In a strong external field, be it electromagnetic, colour, or gravitational, effective coupling constants becomes large, and so interactions between particles can no longer be treated in perturbation theory. Thus non-perturbative methods are required to perform calculations and gain access to novel physics.

The aim of this project is to improve our understanding of strong-field physics. We will investigate scattering amplitudes in strong electromagnetic, colour and gravitational fields. We will explore both their fundamental properties (analytic structures, relations between gauge theory and gravity) as well as their phenomenological consequences. The focus will be on going beyond existing models, either via new exactly solvable cases, better approximations, or methods of resummation.

Students interested in this project should demonstrate an aptitude for theoretical physics and in particular quantum field theory methods.

The project supervisor welcomes informal enquiries about this project.

Project supervisor

The project supervisor welcomes informal enquiries about this project.

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