News archive: 2021

Yearly listings of School news.

Industry partnership to improve understanding of automotive catalyst support and diesel particulate production

14 December 2021
Funding supports collaboration between Edinburgh Complex Fluids Partnership and Corning Incorporated.

Public engagement recognition for Dr XinRan Liu  

29 November 2021
Congratulations to Dr Liu who has been awarded the 2021 Institute of Physics Mary Somerville Medal and Prize.

Alex Murphy awarded RSE Senior Public Engagement Medal

17 November 2021
Award recognises contributions to communication, engagement and in advancing public discussion in science.

Life on Mars search could be misled by false fossils, study says

17 November 2021
Mars explorers searching for signs of ancient life could be fooled by fossil-like specimens created by chemical processes, research suggests.

Turning diamond into methane

16 November 2021
Experiments demonstrate a high reactivity between carbon and hydrogen at conditions comparable with those in the Earth’s upper mantle.

Stacking order in a 2D magnet produces Dirac magnons

11 November 2021
Topological feature could prove useful for dissipationless spintronics.

Testing technology to deflect asteroid impact with Earth

10 November 2021
Researchers will be involved in observing the collision in the first mission to demonstrate technology to deflect an asteroid.

Blavatnik Award ceremony and symposium

08 November 2021
2021 Blavatnik Award Laureate Professor Sinead Farrington honoured at UK ceremony.

Funding secured for biotech business

04 November 2021
Soft matter start-up, Dyneval Ltd, to establish a quality control standard that will benefit the livestock production chain.

MicroBooNE experiment’s first results show no hint of a sterile neutrino

28 October 2021
Data is consistent with what the Standard Model predicts: the presence of three kinds of neutrinos.

Quantum Mechanics: A Textbook

21 October 2021
Quantum Mechanics is a textbook written by two members in the School of Physics & Astronomy.

Astronomer Royal for Scotland opens Aberdeen Science Centre

11 October 2021
Professor Catherine Heymans unveils plaque to mark opening.

Postgraduate Virtual Open Days, 9-11 November

07 October 2021
Attend Postgraduate Virtual Open Days to find out about our MSc programmes.

Congratulations to Dr Maxwell T. Hansen

04 October 2021
Award recognition for contributions to lattice field theory.

Research and collaboration boosted by Royal Society of Edinburgh funding

30 September 2021
Congratulations to colleagues who have received fellowships and awards in this latest round.

Award recognition for Prof Marialuisa Aliotta

13 September 2021
Prof Aliotta receives the Giuseppe Occhialini Medal and Prize in recognition of her work in nuclear astrophysics.

UK Research and Innovation Future Leaders Fellowship success

08 September 2021
Congratulations to Dr Dominique Laniel who has been awarded a Future Leaders Fellowship, and will be joining the School and University’s Centre for Science at Extreme Conditions.

Astronomy survey to revolutionise capability of understanding changing celestial phenomena

12 August 2021
UK project processing massive data stream from the Vera C. Rubin Observatory will take inventory of the Universe.

Royal Society Fellowship success

04 August 2021
Congratulations to astronomer Dr Cyrielle Opitom who has been awarded a Royal Society University Research Fellowship.

Xenon Researchers build next-generation Dark Matter Detector

22 July 2021
Xenon Researchers build next-generation Dark Matter Detector.

Higgs Centre grows in strength following recent appointments

14 July 2021
Research and teaching in theoretical physics to be enhanced as centre expands.

Developing a model to test hand hygiene ingredients

07 July 2021
Funding was successfully secured for collaboration with external partners to develop a biofilm model for testing active ingredients for hand hygiene.

Resolving the mystery of galaxy's colours

06 July 2021
Astronomers have shed light on the mystery of why some galaxies look blue while others appear red.

Studies into the composition of first interstellar comet shed light on its formation

29 June 2021
The first interstellar comet looks very much like Solar System comets.

Explore the Edinburgh Science Festival activities

28 June 2021
Puzzles, tours and a play about psychology and quantum physics: some of the School’s events this year.

Ernest Rutherford Fellowship success for Dr Cheryl Patrick

28 June 2021
Research boost for the School’s Institute for Particle & Nuclear Physics.

British Science Association Award Lecture win for Dr XinRan Liu

23 June 2021
Congratulations to Dr XinRan Liu who has received this award for his outstanding research and public engagement efforts to promote Dark Matter and astroparticle physics.

Leverhulme Trust Fellowship success

23 June 2021
Congratulations to Dr Rosa Santomartino who has been awarded a Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellowship.

Applications invited for Postdoctoral Fellowships

21 June 2021
The School welcomes applications from both external and internal scientists interested in applying for personal fellowships.

Astronomers spot giant ‘blinking’ star

14 June 2021
Astronomers have spotted a giant ‘blinking’ star, 100 times the size of the sun.

Subatomic particle seen changing to antiparticle and back for the first time

08 June 2021
Large Hadron Collider beauty experiment makes first observation of charm meson oscillation.

Dark matter expert named first female Astronomer Royal for Scotland

27 May 2021
Professor Catherine Heymans, a world-leading expert on the physics of the so-called dark universe, has been awarded the prestigious title, which dates back almost 200 years.

Entrepreneurial talent recognised via Scottish Edge award

26 May 2021
Congratulations to Dr Tiffany Wood and Dr Vincent Martinez who received an award from Scottish EDGE as part of School start-up Dyneval Ltd.

DNA-based material with tunable properties

24 May 2021
Scientists are working to harness the properties of DNA in order to craft complex fluids and soft materials with potential applications in drug delivery and tissue regeneration.

Early Career Awards for Pandemic Modelling

19 May 2021
Congratulations to Dr Rob Currie and Dr Ben Wynne who have received RAMP Early Career Investigator Awards from the Royal Society.

Mapping the Universe and unraveling the mysteries of dark energy

17 May 2021
Data is now being collected from the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI), and scientists hope to use this to learn about the nature of dark energy.

Teaching Award success for School of Physics and Astronomy staff

13 May 2021
Congratulations to Professor Judy Hardy and Dr Jean-Christophe Denis for their success in the 2021 EUSA Teaching Awards.

TestEd project awarded £1.8m grant to help tackle COVID-19 transmission

19 April 2021
University collaborative TestEd project seeks to establish methods to detect SARS-CoV-2 in asymptomatic carriers in the University's staff and student populations.

Congratulations to PhD student for nomination in the Student Awards ceremony 2021

15 April 2021
Estifa’a Zaid was shortlisted for the ‘Commitment to Student Experience’ category.

Major success for Edinburgh Astrophysicists with the James Webb Space Telescope

15 April 2021
Edinburgh astrophysicists secure a spectacular series of observational programmes on the NASA/ESA James Webb Space Telescope.

Ultra-sensitive radio images reveal thousands of star-forming galaxies in early Universe

07 April 2021
An international team of astronomers has published the most sensitive images of the Universe ever taken at low radio frequencies, using the International Low Frequency Array (LOFAR).

Early Career Award for Dr Davide Michieletto

31 March 2021
Congratulations to Davide Michieletto who has received an award from the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics Group.

Congratulations to new Fellows of The Royal Society of Edinburgh

30 March 2021
Congratulations to Professors Ross McLure and Alex Murphy who have been elected to become Fellows of The Royal Society of Edinburgh.

Dr Carlo Bruno and Dr Cyrielle Opitom awarded Chancellor’s Fellows

23 March 2021
Congratulations to the recipients of this prestigious 5-year tenure track fellowship scheme focused on innovative research.

Dr XinRan Liu awarded STFC Leadership Fellow in Public Engagement

23 March 2021
Fellowship will help more young people develop STEM skills and learn more about the challenges of space exploration.

Cautious excitement as hints of new physics grow at the Large Hadron Collider

23 March 2021
Particle physicists announce results that potentially cannot be explained by the current laws of nature.

Unravelling DNA to create a new generation of topologically active materials

18 March 2021
By combining our knowledge of polymer physics and molecular biology, scientists can craft DNA-based soft materials that can change properties over time.

Developing a new generation of quantum hard drives using 2D magnets

17 March 2021
Using theoretical and experimental analysis, researchers aim to better understand the magnetic properties of 2D materials for the next generation of information technologies.

Postgraduate Virtual Open Days, 23-25 March 2021

28 February 2021
Attend Postgraduate Virtual Open Days to find out about our MSc programmes, meet our staff and students.

Space Night with the Muslim Scout Fellowship

24 February 2021
Lively debate about life on other planets enables scouts to complete activity and leads to future plans.

Tackling big data challenges for next-generation physics experiments

22 February 2021
Scientists are developing software to exploit the large data sets collected by the next-generation experiments in high energy physics.

Intriguing spin quasiparticles discovered

05 February 2021
Discovery opens exciting opportunities to explore magnetic domain control via topological spin textures.

Unique particle detector array built

29 January 2021
Nuclear physics scientists collaborate with engineers to design a vacuum chamber for use in nuclear astrophysics experiments.

New Horizons in condensed matter physics

18 January 2021
Professor Alexander Morozov’s New Horizons funding will examine phenomena in the microbial world to enrich our understanding of non-equilibrium physics.

Triple success in Astronomy Grants

14 January 2021
The School has achieved an excellent outcome in the latest round of grants awarded by the Science and Technology Facilities Council’s Astronomy Grants Panel.

Award for science engagement activities with local children

12 January 2021
Congratulations for Dr JC Denis who has received an award in recognition of his public engagement efforts.

Student award winners announced

08 January 2021
The School has announced the student recipients of medals and awards at an online ceremony.