Annette Ferguson

Professor A. M. N. Ferguson, FRSE

Professor of Observational Astrophysics
Academic staff
Royal Observatory, Edinburgh (ROE)
Room C13

Annette is a member of the following School research institute:

Research interests

I am a Professor at the Institute for Astronomy, which is part of the School of Physics & Astronomy at the University of Edinburgh.  My research focuses on understanding how galaxies form and evolve through detailed analyses of their structures, kinematics and stellar content. My primary focus is on nearby galaxies, such as those within or just beyond our own Local Group. These systems can be resolved into individual stars and star clusters, the analyses of which reveal the fossil record of their star formation, chemical enrichment and mass assembly histories. Current projects are based on state-of-the-art datasets from one of the world’s largest telescopes (Subaru) as well as high precision photometric observations from the Euclid satellite.  I am also involved in planning for the scientific exploitation of data from the Vera C. Rubin Observatory.

Administrative roles

Since 2019, I have served as the Director of Internationalisation in the School of Physics and Astronomy and am a member of the School Academic Board and the College International Group. During 2018-2022,  I also served as the School's Admissions Advisor. 

I have taught a range of undergraduate courses at the University of Edinburgh. I currently co-teach Astrophysics: Galaxies and Cosmology, a 4th year specialist course. Until 09/2023, I organised the Physics with Year Abroad degree programme and overseas placements. In addition, I usually supervise several undergraduate research projects (Senior Honours and/or MPhys) per year.

During 2011-2021, I served as a Personal Tutor in the School, advising and overseeing the academic progress of over 60 undergraduate students. 

Recent publications

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