Benjamin Bose

Photo of Dr B Bose
Dr B Bose

Dr B Bose

Stephen Hawking Fellow
Research staff
Royal Observatory, Edinburgh (ROE)
Room U12

Benjamin is a member of the following School research institute:


I was lucky enough to be awarded a 4 year Stephen Hawking fellowship which allows me to pursue my own research interests, but also embark on a number of non-research adventures such as writing a children's book and building a website (both in development!). 

My research focusses on what the structure of matter in the Universe can tell us about gravity and how it works at large scales, but more, if it can offer clues on how to solve one of the biggest problems in physics - the cosmological constant problem

You can find my research works here

Outside research I enjoy bouldering, swimming, yoga and more than a bit of sleeping. 

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