PhD project: High Energy Jets

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Dr Smillie does not plan to take a PhD student on this project starting in Sept 2024.

The LHC is colliding protons at twice the centre-of-mass energy of the Higgs boson discovery.  This is an exciting opportunity for new physics discoveries, but also poses a problem to our theoretical predictions.  The large range of energy scales can damage the convergence of the perturbative expansion through the appearance of logarithms at all orders in the coupling.  The High Energy Jets framework is a perturbative framework incorporating these corrections at all orders in the coupling at the matrix-element level which is then implemented as a fully-flexible event generator. This approach has been seen to describe LHC data well, including some important cases where more traditional approaches have failed.  Our predictions are particularly important to describe the production of a Higgs boson with jets which is an important process to determine its properties and test the method of electroweak symmetery breaking.  Current priorities include moving to next-to-leading order accuracy, improving the analytical description of the amplitudes, making predictions for WW-plus-jets for the first time and further enhancing the description through merging with parton showers.

In this project, you will typically perform both analytical calculations and numerical implementation, taking a theoretical idea right through to comparison with LHC data.


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