PhD project: Lattice QCD and precision tests of the Standard Model

Project description

One of the fundamental interactions within the Standard Model of Particle Physics is the strong nuclear force, which binds quarks and gluons into bound states called hadrons. At small energies ab-initio theoretical predictions involving the strong nuclear force are only possible using Monte Carlo methods in a numerical approach known as Lattice QCD in conjunction with supercomputer calculations. High-precision calculations using Lattice QCD are essential ingredients in finding potential small deviations between experimental measurements and theoretical predictions from the Standard Model, and thus provide a powerful tool to discover new physics.

As a PhD Student in the lattice QCD group in Edinburgh you will work as part of the international RBC/UKQCD collaboration with collaborators in the UK, USA, Japan, Germany and CERN. Potential research projects include lattice calculations for weak decays of hadrons and the determination of CKM matrix elements, electromagnetic and isospin symmetry breaking corrections in lattice calculations or the anomalous magnetic moment of the muon.

Project supervisor

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