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MSc Online Information Sessions, 22 February 2024

13 December 2023
Find out about the School of Physics and Astronomy MSc programmes

Breakthrough in synthesis of superhard materials to rival diamond

12 December 2023
Scientists unlock the potential of carbon nitrides, which have potential for technological advancements in fields such as materials science, electronics and optics.

Celebration event for the successful launch and first images from the Euclid satellite

11 December 2023
Celebrating the successful launch and stunning first astronomical images produced by the Euclid satellite, sharing the science, and meeting the team behind the project.

Rheology award for Professor Alexander Morozov

07 December 2023
Congratulations to Professor Alexander Morozov who has received the 2023 Annual Award from The British Society of Rheology.

Protected droplets create a new transport route for medicines

06 December 2023
Researchers reveal the underlying mechanism behind the behaviour of microgels to control the release of liquid droplets coated in these particles.

Business start-up award for physics biotech Dyneval

23 November 2023
Congratulations to Dr Tiffany Wood and School start-up Dyneval who received an Institute of Physics Business Start-Up Award.

Double poster success for PhD students

02 November 2023
Congratulations to Max Huisman and Giorgia Palombo who received prizes for their posters at the International Soft Matter Conference 2023.

Collaborations in nuclear astrophysics

30 October 2023
Congratulations to Dr Ragandeep Singh Sidhu who has secured funding and a visiting fellowship to pursue collaborations in nuclear astrophysics.

Early career research prize for Dr Patrick Pietzonka

30 October 2023
Congratulations to Dr Patrick Pietzonka who has received recognition for his work in stochastic thermodynamics.

Where physics meets Renaissance beauty regimes

26 October 2023
An art installation based on Edinburgh-led research is to feature in a major exhibition that challenges established ideals of beauty.

Postgraduate Virtual Open Days, 14-16 November 2023

16 October 2023
The School of Physics & Astronomy will take part in the University of Edinburgh Postgraduate Virtual Open Days.

Industry fellowship success leads to complex fluid collaboration

13 October 2023
Congratulations to Dr Andreia Fonseca da Silva who has received an Industry Fellowship from the Royal Society.

Scientists Unlock the Secrets of Nitrogen’s Unique ζ-N2 Solid Phase

09 October 2023
The crystal structure of the exotic solid molecular nitrogen phase ζ-N2 has finally been solved and sheds light onto nitrogen’s unique progressive molecular-to-polymeric transformation.

Poster prize success for PhD student

02 October 2023
Congratulations to Robin Burton who received first prize for her poster created for the 7th Edwards Symposium in soft matter and statistical physics.

Funding success supports research into the origins of galaxies in the Universe

05 September 2023
Congratulations to Dr Adam Carnall who has received a European Research Council starting grant.

Winton Award prize winners announced

21 August 2023
Congratulations to the postgraduate research students who received a Winton Award in recognition for their thesis.

Satellite explores mysteries of the dark Universe

03 July 2023
A European mission to explore how dark energy and dark matter shaped the evolution of our Universe has soared into space.

Double award renewal success for commitment to advancing gender equality

27 June 2023
The School of Physics and Astronomy has had both its Juno Champion and Athena SWAN Silver status renewed in recognition of our efforts in addressing gender equality.

PhD student award recognition for detector upgrade work

19 June 2023
Congratulations to Gary Robertson who has been awarded a prestigious LHCb Early Career Scientist award for the successful delivery of a major upgrade of the RICH detector.

Funding secured to strengthen links in nuclear astrophysics

09 June 2023
Congratulations to Dr Sidhu who has secured funding to organise a seminar in nuclear astrophysics.

Ancient galaxy revealed by space telescope

22 May 2023
Formed 600 to 800 million years after the Big Bang, it is the earliest of its kind found to date.

Undergraduate Open Days 2023

15 May 2023
Come along to our Open Days to find out more about studying at the University of Edinburgh and the School of Physics & Astronomy

Astronomers reveal the largest cosmic explosion ever seen

12 May 2023
The explosion, which is more than ten times brighter than any known supernova, has currently lasted over three years.

Royal Society University Research Fellowship success

08 May 2023
Congratulations to Dr Andrew McLeod who has been awarded a Royal Society University Research Fellowship and will be joining the School’s Higgs Centre for Theoretical Physics.

Award recognition for sustainable laboratory initiatives

02 May 2023
Congratulations to the team who have established a lab sustainability group and implemented sustainable lab changes.

International team unveils topological spin textures in an ultrathin layer at room temperature

26 April 2023
Findings could have potential use for computing and magnetic memories.

Research talent recognised by fellowship success

24 April 2023
Congratulations to Chancellor’s Fellows Dr Adam Carnall and Dr Liza Mijovic.

Researchers identify ultrasoft properties in the DNA of blood parasites

19 April 2023
The new insights about the parasites' special 'kinetoplast' DNA could support the development of materials in synthetic chemistry.

Distant planet’s features revealed by Webb Telescope

22 March 2023
Researchers observing with NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope have identified features in the atmosphere of planet VHS 1256 b.

Spacecraft collision with asteroid impact analysed

22 March 2023
The aftermath of a deliberate collision between a spacecraft and an asteroid has been studied by a team that includes Edinburgh scientists.

Royal Society of Edinburgh announces new Fellows

21 March 2023
Congratulation to Professor Martin Evans who will join those recognised as being some of the greatest thinkers, researchers and practitioners working in or with Scotland today.

Fossil site is ‘Rosetta Stone’ for understanding early life

17 March 2023
Leading edge technology has uncovered secrets about a world-renowned fossil hoard that could offer vital clues about early life on earth.

Synthesis and characterization of a new nitrogen aromatic species

07 March 2023
Extreme pressure and temperature conditions are used to synthesize K9N56 which is comprised of the aromatic hexazine unit.

Student award winners announced

02 March 2023
Congratulations to students who received medals, certificates, prizes and scholarships at the School’s Undergraduate and MSc Student Awards Ceremony.

Asteroid planetary defence results published

02 March 2023
Results show what happened to the spacecraft and asteroid following NASA’s asteroid deflection mission.

MSc Virtual Information Sessions, 30 March 2023

27 February 2023
Find out more about the School of Physics and Astronomy MSc programmes.

Research award success for Jim Dunlop

01 February 2023
Congratulations to Jim Dunlop, Head of School and Professor of Extragalactic Astronomy, who has been awarded a Royal Society Research Professorship.

Chancellor’s Award for Teaching

31 January 2023
Dr Ross Galloway has been awarded the 2022 Chancellor’s Teaching Award from the University.

Royal Society Entrepreneur in Residence

23 January 2023
The School of Physics and Astronomy is delighted to welcome Stephen Roe as our Royal Society Entrepreneur in Residence.

Astronomy award recognition for John Peacock

13 January 2023
Congratulations to Professor Peacock who has received the Royal Astronomical Society’s highest honour for his contributions to cosmology.