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NameEmail addressTelephone (UK)BuildingRoom number
Graeme Acklandgjackland [at] 650 5299JCMB2502
Matt Addamsmatt.addams [at]
Veronika Afoninas1374087 [at] 651 7210JCMB2805
Shadab Alamsalam [at] 3
Marialuisa Aliottam.aliotta [at] 650 5288JCMB8204
Rosalind Allenrosalind.allen [at] 651 7197JCMB2507
Simona AmodeoSimona.Amodeo [at] 668 8374ROE
Alexandra Amonaamon [at]
Marco Anconas1786889 [at]
Sarah Applebysapple [at]
Corrigan Appletoncorrigan.appleton [at]
Jochen Arltjochen.arlt [at] 650 5121JCMB2601
Andres ArmuaAndres.Armua [at]
Marika Asgarima [at] 668 8381ROEEast Tower
Renato Assantes1773614 [at]
James AstonJ.C.Aston [at]
Fernando Avinof.carbonell [at]
Sophie Ayscoughs1690656 [at]