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NameEmail addressTelephone (UK)BuildingRoom number
Arthur da Mota Loureiroarthur.loureiro [at]
Romeel Daverad [at] 688 8352ROEU14
Tom Davinsont.davinson [at] 650 5250JCMB8205
Angela Dawsonangela.dawson [at] 650 7165JCMB2617
Francois De Tournemires2451643 [at]
Luigi Del Debbioluigi.del.debbio [at] 650 5212JCMB4418
Eugenia Delacoueugenia.delacou [at]
Jack Delaneys1983688 [at]
Jean-Christophe Denisj.c.denis [at] 650 5263JCMB2603
Matteo Di Carlomatteo.dicarlo [at]
Gennaro Di Pietrogdp [at] Centre for Innovation
Abbie Donaldsondonaldso [at] Open Plan
Xie DongXieDong [at]
Callum Donnancdon [at]
Sophie Dubberdubber [at]
Bertrand Duclouebertrand.ducloue [at]
Dominik Dudadduda [at]
Matthew DuffMatthew.Duff [at]
Steven Duffields.duffield [at] 650 7139JCMB7307
Thelma Dugmorethelma.dugmore [at]
Kenneth Duncankdun [at]
James DunlopJames.Dunlop [at] 651 3451JCMB4323b
Trent DupuyTrent.Dupuy [at] 668 8351ROE