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NameEmail addressTelephone (UK)BuildingRoom number
Jose Sabater Montesjsm [at] 668 8311ROEEast Tower
Rosa Santomartinorosa.santomartino [at] 650 8608JCMB1504
Elton Santosesantos [at]
Andrew Schofielda.b.schofield [at] 650 7257JCMB2203
Jana Schwarz-LinekJana.Schwarz-Linek [at] 650 8617JCMB2609
Tracy ScottTracy.Scott [at]
Matteo Sergolamatteo.sergola [at]
Lewis SextonLewis.Sexton [at]
Owen Sheaowen.shea [at] 650 5268JCMB3413
Tyler Shendrukt.shendruk [at]
Philip Shortpshort [at]
Alan ShotterAlan.Shotter [at] 650 5298JCMB7309
Aria Shuns1885627 [at]
Manika Sidhus2135306 [at]
Patrick Sinclairp.sinclair [at]
Bhanu Pratap SinghBhanu.Singh [at] 650 5365JCMB2605
Viktor Skultetyviktor.skultety [at]
Jenni Smilliej.m.smillie [at] 650 5221JCMB4411
Britton Smithbritton.smith [at] 668 8342ROER12
Gary Smithgary.smith [at] 650 5311JCMB3406
Colin Snodgrasscolin.snodgrass [at]
Manila Songvilaymanila.songvilay [at] 651 7112JCMB1605
Daniele Sorinisorini [at]
Nikolay Sosninnsosnin [at]
Chloe StantonChloe.Stanton [at]
Adam Stevensadam.stevens [at] 650 8608JCMB1504
Callum Stevenss1747196 [at]
Michael StevensonM.Stevenson [at]
Christopher Stockc.stock [at] 651 7066JCMB2606
Christian Stormchristian.storm [at]
Calum Strains1304985 [at]
Antonia Struebigantonia.struebig [at]
Teresita Suarez Noguezsuarez [at]
Eckhard Sutoriusetws [at] 668 8316ROEH1.08
Juraj Szavits NossanJuraj.Szavits.Nossan [at] 650 5234JCMB2607