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NameEmail addressTelephone (UK)BuildingRoom number
Catherine Cable-Chandlercatherine.cablechandler [at]
James Cadmanjames.cadman [at] Centre for Innovation
PeiYu Caipeiyu.cai [at]
Yanchuan Caicai [at] 668 8285ROES7
Jaime Calderon Figueroajaime.calderon [at]
Murray Campbelld.m.campbell [at] 650 5262JCMB7306
Rosie CaneR.Cane [at]
Theron Carmichaeltheron.carmichael [at]
Adam Carnalladamc [at] 2
Thomas Cartert.carter [at]
John Chakanal Sunils2420974 [at]
Edmond Chans2033464 [at]
Edwin ChapmanEric.Chapman [at]
Liqi Chens2344054 [at]
Xueqing Chenxueqing.chen [at]
Michael Chiangmichael.chiang [at]
Philip ClarkP.Clark [at] 650 5231JCMB3421
Peter Clarkepeter.clarke [at] 650 6798JCMB3421
Rory ClaydonRory.Claydon [at]
Paul Cleggpaul.clegg [at] 650 5295JCMB2614
Charles Cockellc.s.cockell [at] 650 2961JCMB1502
Jamie Coler.j.cole [at] 650 5999JCMB2608
Ross Collinsrsc [at] 668 8418ROEH1.02
Laura Confalonieris1999019 [at]
Filippo Confortos2469797 [at]
Giuseppe Congedogiuseppe.congedo [at] 668 8340ROER13
Peter Cookes1774367 [at]
Dom CorbettDom.Corbett [at]
Patricio Correa AmaroS1959271 [at]
Neil Corsien.corsie [at] 650 5260JCMB7310a
Denise CoutoDenise.Couto [at] 650 5907JCMB4317
Dennis Crakedennis.crake [at] Building
Hayley Crawfordhayley.crawford [at] 651 3448JCMB4317
Nicholas Crossnjc [at] 668 8281ROEH1.04
Leigh Crossanleigh.crossan [at]
Weiguang CuiWeiguang.Cui [at] 668 8212ROER3
Fergus Cullenfc [at] 668 8360ROEET
Jennifer CurranJennifer.Curran [at]
Robert Currierob.currie [at] 651 7685JCMB3420